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What was the best Cargo Plane in WWII

Daryl Hunt

Your Worst Nightmare
Oct 22, 2014
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O.D. (Stands for Out Dere
Here is one that is almost always overlooked. The "Best" has many meanings.

One might pick the DC-3 or C-47. It was built from 1935 and production lasted for about 10 years. It got the headlines. Yet, the C-46 was far superior. Flying over the hump, the altitude required made it really tough to do with the C-47 yet the C-46 did a better job.

You may also pick the C-54/C-118 combo. The C-54 had the range to fly across the Atlantic from NY to London non stop. It had a higher load, a pressurized fuselage, higher altitude, etc.. While the C-47 pretty much went out of the US Inventory in the 70s, the C-118 went well into the 80s.

You also might pick the FW-200 that made the wolf packs so hard to contend with. I still find it unconcientable that they didn't use the P-38 to stop them since that is exactly what the P-38 was designed to do. But they didn't. So the FW-200 pretty much went almost anywhere in the Altantic it wished to go.

There are many others as well.

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