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What should the Democrat Debate Question Be?


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Aug 11, 2017
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Would these be good debate questions?
Did Hillary break the law when she destroyed evidence?
Did Obama break the law when he ordered the FBI to spy on Trump?
How many people have the socialist killed in the last 100 years?
Why does the Democratic Party prefer illegal aliens over American citizens?
Why does the middle class always flee when the Democrats seizes power in states?
Why do Democrats love criminals and terrorist so much?
What is the real difference between Socialism and Slavery?
How will disarming innocent people make them safe?
Do cross dressing men violate the privacy rights of Women in the Military?
Do gay men violate the privacy rights of Men in our Military?
Are Democrats ashamed of their failed Russian Collusion Smear?
Did Hillary pay the Russians for dirt on Trump?
Is the Clinton Foundation used for bribery money laundering and tax evasion?
Was it foolish for Obama to give the genocidal maniac Iranians $BILLION$?
Why are the Democrats against Voter ID laws?
Why are the Democrats opposed to border security?
When do babies become humans?
Does Hillary have a soul?
Did Obama break the law when he used the IRS as a political weapon?
Did Obama break the law when he used the DOJ as a political weapon?
Were Brennen and Clapper just "following orders"?

Why does the Democratic Party demand racial discrimination in employment and education?
Why do Democrats have gang warfare and drive-by shootings while the Republicans have little league baseball games and PTA meetings?
Why does the Democratic Party have so many hate groups? Klan, Nation of Islam, La Raza, Muslim Brotherhood, Black Panthers, Aztlan Nationalist
Is America a sovereign country with the right to control its borders and immigration?

Can you think of some more questions that will never be asked?

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