CDZ What are the top 3 tragedies in your world?

Donald Polish

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Nov 27, 2014
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Kansas City
Please, share your thoughts.
I am really interested in the issue but ... I need more points of view.
Why are they tragedies? how have they effected day to day life? how has this effected politics?
(example for America)
  • 9/11
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Columbine



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Aug 4, 2011
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The Challenger disaster! I remember watching it live, too. It was horrific.
And I think that tsunami that wiped out all of Indochina.

Book of Jeremiah

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Nov 3, 2012
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1. Seeing Dumitru Duduman - the Romanian evangelist come to America to warn of the judgment coming upon America -of the plans of the Russians to wage a nuclear attack against the USA - to watch the churches ignore his pleas to return to the LORD - in favor of Vatican assigned - Jesuits - infiltrating protestant pulpits preaching a false gospel /christian rock and roll / void of repentance, holiness, prayer and message of the Cross. With none the wiser.

2. Seeing the Vatican's control over America to the point of having thoroughly infiltrated & taken control of our economy (federal reserve) our colleges, universities with their communist moles, government plants that are all Jesuit trained, our political leaders (ditto), our churches (ditto), our schools (ditto), every area of life - including how they created the conflicts with the Arab world - in order to bring about a 3rd world war - Americans once again do not seem to realize who is behind the scenes organizing the communists and Islamists in this hour.

3. Seeing the protestant Christians of America throwing away their heritage for filthy lucre and earthly possessions, running with the godless go along to get along crowd - not discerning the Jesuit wolves & sorcerers amongst them, departing from Christ for this interfaithism abomination, refusing to speak up for what is right and what is wrong - like the Vatican's power over the USA- to stand up for what is right - watching my country on the verge of destruction while acting as if they were about to approach heaven's gate. It's heartbreaking. What can I say? I am truly frustrated! And when I see the Russian wolves showing up here boasting about Putin and mocking my country? It can be difficult to watch, Donald.

Thanks for asking.
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Luddly Neddite

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Sep 14, 2011
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It does seem each generation has a watershed moment they identify with "I remember where I was when ... ".

JFK's assassination. The principal announcing it on the school PA system, school buses lining up early to take us all home, sitting in front of the TV for several days, silent, confused, scared because no one seemed to know what it all meant.

Challenger. Packing to move cross country, surrounded by boxes with CNN on, watching the footage as it came apart in the air, so very sad.

Columbine. I think we all knew then that we would never again be safe, not even in our schools.

9/11. Watching the news coverage and, when the second plane hit, realizing someone had just declared war on the US.

The Indonesian tsunami. Being amazed at the damage, so sad for the people.

So many other natural and unnatural disasters -

Another one I remember so well was the earthquake that decimated Mexico City in the 80s. What I will never forget was one person's account of having to use a chain saw to cut through the dead body of a mother in order to reach her child.

Horrible beyond comprehension is what is happening right now with babies born with the worst birth defects ever seen - probably caused by the US's use of depleted uranium. I believe we have a responsibility to that country and those children --

Teddy Pollins

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Feb 26, 2015
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Worst tragedies? Hmm... I've got a genocide, a mass conventional-bombing, and a nuclear campaign.

All part of a civil war between two nations.
Might as well add some history in here to explain it. After a refugee problem arose when Cleir (an ethnic/national group) immigrants ended up settling the Leudehros Republic, a North versus South cultural divide spilled over into literal war. The Northern regions were relatively hostile towards the Cleir (think midway between Nazi Germany and 1800s American South), but the Southern region benefited due to an influx of intellectuals and engineers. So in chronological order, the three worst tragedies.

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