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What a surprise.


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Apr 19, 2021
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In retrospect, unusual activities started around lunch time when I found my wife outside shoveling the driveway. I picked up a shovel and started to help her. We got 9 inches of slow and pretty much everyone was either working from home or just staying at home. Still, I can't remember her ever helping with shoveling slow.
Then my wife told me that she was going to see a friend who had surgery recently. No alarm bells went off yet - but she didn't respond when I asked her how the roads were. Went back to work, remotely and didn't think about it too much.
My dog was telling me that I needed a break from working so I went to backyard to play with her just in my attempt to wear her out so that I could go back to work. I didn't hear my wife returning home when I got a text to help her out with a shopping trip and unload the SUV. So I go through the gate and push the button to start helping

My daughter, who lives nearly 2,000 miles away pops out of the SUV 'trunk' [what do you call that thing?] that I haven't seen for over a year

My daughter and wife have been working on this for months. Granted, my wife did cancel a 4000 mile round trip that I worked out in my new MX-5 [1K miles a day, all points worked out, speed traps located, radar detector updated, apps ready to go - vetoed]. I didn't know that they have been planning the big surprise.

First thing that my daughter notices is my current local stack of books by my downstairs laptop location: Medieval Civilizations 400 ad - 1500 ad, Histories Worst Decisions, a history book of France published 1887, and a series of an Uncommon History of Common things [light fun reading for me] when she mentioned that she and her husband have rented from their library a lecture series on the history of monetary usage in the Medieval times. My wife made a comment that she could only be my daughter who would listen to lecture series for fun, something I have done many hours. All in the search of knowledge.

Haven't been able to see her for over a year. This is going to be a good weekend even with all of the snow.

Strange fact. is is colder in her Ark than in Spokane WA with much more snow on the ground that they have up north.


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Dec 21, 2020
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You may already know this, but archive.org has a lot of old history books; they tend to have info modern ones leave out and give one more of a sense of how things were viewed in the 19th and early 20th century.

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