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Welcome to Obamaland


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Feb 25, 2010
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There was once upon a time a magical place called Obamaland....

In Obamaland, doctors, janitors, engineers, cooks, pilots, cab drivers, surgeons, actors, and all other people worked their jobs, did them well, and all got paid the SAME!!! All was fair in labor and no one recieved more than the next man for an honest days work!!

All in Obamaland worked 30 hours a week and returned to their government subsidized home. Each were guaranteed a home, it was a right. And no home was grander then others. The doctor's home was as modest as the garbage man. In Obamaland, there were no bills to pay, no rent to make. Rent and mortage was simply.....taken out of one's paycheck and a government office saw that it was paid.

In Obamaland, there was no hunger or disease. Food was provided to all, for all, at local food distribution centers! All were fed. Obesity was eliminated, because all recieved a modest serving of food, not enough to become fat. Disease was eliminated. All had access to free healthcare, and since profits were a thing of the Dark Past, doctors healed the sick for free, without worry about price. Payments for service were simply deducted from all people's checks equally, as a percentage, and that was put towards doctors pay.

All in Obamaland had paychecks that had equal percentages of witholdings for all services provided. The doctor or cop or janitor or lawyer all had an equal percentage taken out of his equal gross pay for food, shelter, healthcare. It was a system of universal sharing, and all were happy!

Since there was no want in Obamaland, there was no crime!!! No prisons!!! People jogged and skipped along the rodes, never spoke out against the government who acted as sheperds to the flock, leading them peacefully and happily through the course of their lives!!!

Oh Obamaland.....a place we can all dream to live one day!!


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Jul 28, 2011
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Well done? Are you joking?

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