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We Seem to Have a Huge Case of Right Wing Amnesia here at USMB


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Dec 8, 2019
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South Central KY
IM2 I see you have posted over 50,000 messages in over 6 years on the board. I wonder if you have ever posted a SINGLE POST that didn't have to do with your hatred of White people or Racism in general. :dunno:
I've never seen a single post from him that wasn't racist based. Constantly calling everyone "white boy". But "he" isn't racist we are:rolleyes:

"lets go Im2"


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Dec 22, 2018
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Let's go Brandon

Country need more Rand Paul's, and patriots
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She's whacky but she ain't wrong

More of these ....yes
Why not ?look at what voting for establishment retards have gotten yas..

And Americans forget we're not supposed to have leaders only representatives
MTG forgot to add: "Greetings From Dallas"!


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Jul 11, 2011
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Chicago, Chicago, that Toddling Town
Stalker Joe chimes in again, are you claiming Congress had nothing to do with it? Wow, Reagan was all powerful and Democrats were just poor victims, that is so sad. Over 35 he has been out the poor weak Democrats just can’t do a damn thing. Dems seem real useless to me.
Actually, they have done stuff... they've tried to reverse the stupid policies.

In 1986, they forced Reagan to agree to tax increases when it was clear the Fairy Dust of Supply Side didn't work.
In 1991, they forced Bush to agree to tax increases when his rich buddies looted the S&L system.
In 1993, Bill started making the rich pay their fair share.
In 2011, Obama finally rolled back the Bush Tax giveaways.

As with all that I’ve seen over the decades, Congress and President don’t act alone, they work together both parties, no one holds all the power, so to blame both sides is a correct view.
Actually, the only reason why we started seeing the deficit come down in the Clinton Years is Clinton was making the rich pay their fair share. It ballooned right back up when Bush gave more tax cuts to billionaires.

The best way to control spending is a Democratic President and a Republican Congress, that Has been proven over and over, the 90’s had Clinton and Gingrich and they did well with the budget.

Um, not really. Gingrich didn't really cut all that much spending. The reasons why deficits came down was because 1) Social Security Surpluses exceeded General Fund spending and 2) The tax increase of 1993 was making rich assholes pay their fair share. (Well, not quite their fair share. Taking everything they got and harvesting them for transplant organs would be their fair share.)

Canon Shooter

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Jan 7, 2020
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No president miraculously turns around a bad situation in less than a month, and no president makes things great in 2-3 months. First off, the new president is dealing with the buget from the president before him. It took Obama 2-3 years to start seeing improvements. The Obama created economy was handed to trump and people who didn't want to give Obama credit for various reasons were quick to give trump credit for a miraculous turnaround he had nothing to do with.

In trumps last 2 years the economy was going down and we suffered from a manufacturing recession. This and the economic problems caused by COVID is what trump gave to Biden. Among other things.

‘A real mess’: Trump is leaving behind crises and undermining Biden before he takes office

When President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office on Jan. 20, the list of crises he will face includes a massive cyber intrusion, a still-raging global pandemic, a slowing economic recovery and a lingering reckoning over the nation’s racial tensions.

President Trump is not making his job any easier and, in several ways, appears to be actively making it harder — going to extraordinary lengths to disrupt and undermine the traditional transition from one administration to another despite the nation’s many crises.

Trump has sought to play down or even deny the still-expanding cybersecurity breach that many experts blame on Russia, even as its impact has spread to a growing number of federal agencies. The delayed and turbulent transition process could complicate the Biden administration’s ability to address the challenge and shore up the nation’s cyberdefenses.

Remember those cyberattacks the trump faithful blamed on Biden? Remember when the cult members declared during their meeting how Putin ran Biden because he was "weak"? We haven't had a cyber attack for a while.

Trump left multiple messes for Biden to clean up

There are some who worship the ground Donald Trump walks on and support everything he has done, regardless of how ghastly. President Joe Biden, at the time of his inauguration, inherited a total mess.

When Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the national debt was $19.9 trillion, and when he left four years later, it was $27 trillion — and at the highest percentage of GDP since the end of World War II. And, Biden inherited the worst disease outbreak in over a century.

The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind

Reversing the previous administration's cruelties isn't the same as an unconditional welcome.

Trump left behind a sanctions minefield for Biden

Biden needs to clean up Trump's mess - opinion

The 46th president isn’t getting an inaugural parade of his own because his elephantine predecessor left such a giant muddle.

President Biden Cleans Up Vaccine Distribution Mess Trump Left Behind

Trump left behind a damaged government. Here’s what Biden faces as he rebuilds it.

Economic Mess Left Behind For Joe Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The extraordinary economic mess Donald Trump is leaving behind for President-elect Joe Biden continues to grow as another 742,000 workers filed for unemployment last week. More than 6.3 million Americans remain without work as outgoing President Trump has effectively given up on containing the pandemic which has now claimed the lives of over 250,000 Americans. Yet Trump, his administration, and his Senate allies would rather deny reality and refuse aid to families in need. They are choosing to undermine national security and public health by withholding critical transition resources from the incoming Biden administration, and choosing to push economic recovery further off by holding up urgently needed relief for struggling workers, states, small businesses — the kind of real relief the U.S. House passed months ago.


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