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Wall Street office cleaners join march for better jobs


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Jersey

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hundreds of office cleaners and guards marched on Wednesday near Wall Street demanding good jobs and protesting economic inequality, while a smaller group of demonstrators rallied at JPMorgan Chase's skyscraper.

The marches were part of a growing Occupy Wall Street movement, the month-long protests that have inspired solidarity rallies planned for Thursday at some 90 U.S. college campuses. Demonstrations have occurred in more than 1,400 cities around the world.

The movement began on September 17, when protesters set up camp in a park near Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, upset that the billions of dollars in bank bailouts doled out during the recession allowed them to resume earning huge profits while average Americans have had no relief from high unemployment and job insecurity.

Participants also say they are angry that the richest 1 percent of Americans do not pay their fair share of taxes.

More than 750 cleaners, security guards and other building service workers converged on the financial district to march for better-paying jobs, while at a nearby rally outside a JPMorgan Chase skyscraper police said about 100 people simply walked around the building and then returned to their camp in the park.

Police said they arrested four people at the bank building.

Barricades had been placed outside the JPMorgan Chase building in preparation for the protest, and many police officers stood on duty.

The building service workers union, the Service Employees International Union, which organized the march, said contracts for tens of thousands of workers are about to expire.

"We're out here because there's no jobs and we're about to lose our jobs. We're tired and we're fed up and we need these people in here to hear us," said Carla Thomas, 47, a building security guard, gesturing toward Wall Street.

At a rally in San Francisco, 11 protesters were arrested on Wednesday when up to 200 people demonstrated at the Wells Fargo corporate headquarters, blocking entrances and sticking posters on the building, one which read: "My bank went to bail-out land and all I got was a lousy recession."


Protestors appear to be directing frustration at JP Morgan Chase's high-profile chief executive, Jamie Dimon.

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