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Nov 28, 2011
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It is a real vaccine. It's people like you who won't take the vaccine who are keeping us hostage to Covid 19. We are losing our freedom, our economy, our ordinary life. All because a segment of the population is against a vaccine that is not killing or hurting anyone and isn't any different than any other vaccine we've ever had. It is all because of people who believe lies and nonsense and paranoria that is spread on the internet by nutjobs. It is sad. But it is also reprehensible that people like you are actually holding the entire country hostage and are actually responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths. Disgusting.

Even if you have the flu vaccine, you can still catch the flu. It is less effective than the Covid vaccine. What you people don't know is huge. What you think you know is all lies. You are dupes. Disgusting. Just disgusting.
Says a rube who follows the Democrat party no matter what lies they spew, and no matter how much damage they cause with their lies, and no matter what they conjur up with their bullcrap that the nation has had to put up with for way to many years looking back on it all now.

The most tolerant party in the history of mankind is the conservative party, because if it hadn't of been, then the craziness of the Democrat's would have never grown to the levels that it has since grown to now. So think about that the next time you have thoughts of being the most tolerant party when even that is a huge lie.

So the next time you get on your soap box, just remember that the nation has awoken to the bullcrap of the leftist Democrat's, except the difference is that it's a real wokeness and not the fabricated wokeness the Democrat's have manufactured in their attempt to flip it all in order to make themselves appear as the tolerant one's, when in fact they are the most intolerant one's.

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