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US All Set To Strike Iran


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Mar 4, 2009
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Greetings to All:

Labvirus.com is connecting the dots between several upcoming events that point to the USA striking Iran in the very near future.

LabVirus.com Story

US all set to strike Iran starting next week

Just listening to Joel Scousen of World Affairs Brief on Jeff Rense telling us that the third fleet of the task force sent to the gulf just outside Iran will arrive sometime next week, fully loaded. With the largest assemblage EVER of military presence and armament being completed with the arrival of this third fleet, there is statistically NO WAY they are turning around without commencing an attack.

The current thinking is that Israel will make the first move, and a false-flag event against the US will then be blamed on Iran which will bring the US into the attack on Iran. Remember folks that FEMA is covering up their NLE10 event which having been planned for years “simulating” a terrorist nuclear detonation in the state of Nevada, which is scheduled for its week of conduct May 17-21 in just a few weeks. Following is the Eagle Horizon continuity-of-government exercise, the modern iteration of Ollie North’s Rex-84. [Camp FEMA Video Clips are here.]

I’m also going to throw in just as a possibility that of a major earthquake in California. Media has been peppered with earthquake stories about the 1906 SF quake, fueled by recent major quakes all up and down the Pacific coast and elsewhere. Those following Freeman and Nick Begich might be inclined to be researching earthquake beam weapons, and the possibility they might be used to trigger such a quake.

Ceremony of the Phoenix is what this is all about: the culling of the human herd signaled by the bloodbath of war begun with an Iran attack. Everyone knows Iran will not lie down and take it, they will hit back with everything they've got – aimed at us here in the US – which includes bioweapons and scalar weapons the likes of which we have hardly even read about in science fiction. But that won’t stop Bibi666 from allowing it to happen, even provoking it.

And Slick Barry [Slick Barry Story]? Don’t even get me started.
The Public Intelligence story on "Why Is FEMA Trying To Cover Up NLE 10?" is here. FEMA itself requested the removal of the National Level Exercise 2010 Documentation (story), because FEMA is definitely hiding something. The Guardian.co.uk Story on Iran's Wargame Exercises is here. Rumors are circulating that Israel will strike Iran (story and story), which fuels speculation about the timing of the USA sending the third fleet in anticipation of a strike on Iran from Israel.


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