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Ups driver dies of heat stroke


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Sep 4, 2012
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New England
UPS is a unionized outfit, unlike Fedex which is strictly Scab and doesn't have their drivers keeling over dead in the heat.
Urine idiot.
Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are completely preventable. If the driver did not know how, the company should have provided training.
True...though I've been sweating so much I COULDNT stay hydrated.

Jews don’t do that kind of work
Urine idiot.

Ray From Cleveland

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Aug 16, 2015
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ray those guys just like i did in the PO, work against the clock,routes are timed........if you cant keep up the pace and get done in the allotted time, you are probably gone.....sure anyone can do the job,but can they do it in the time they want you to do it....ill say only some .....

Not if you're a slacker, no you won't get it done. But when you take a UPS job, they don't just slap a uniform on you and throw you in a truck. There is a probation period. You go out with an experienced driver, learn the route, paperwork and computer. You help the experienced driver deliver and pickup packages. After that, the experienced driver sits back and allows you to do the route by yourself for about a week. If you can't handle it, they don't call you back. If you can handle it, they hire you and you get your own route.

It's not an easy job, but no job that pays exceptional wages is. As I mentioned before, I used to work with my bricklayer father. He talked me into joining the union as an apprentice. After one summer, I never went back and decided to pursue a career in driving. You don't get to take breaks until a scheduled one. No matter how hot, how humid, you have to keep on working. It's a tough job, but like UPS, it pays exceptionally well.

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