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UK PM David Cameron will back Muslim veil ban


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Feb 17, 2012
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obama failed to address women's rights during his mosque visit. I would like him to ban the burqa in the US. I don't agree with the hijab, but every women will understand having a bad hair day and want to cover their head.

Women can be modest in any faith without being told they have cover with a burka.
Women should have the right to dress as they choose. Cover the shoulders, knees and head when in a mosque, OK. Many catholics still choose to cover their heads with a hat,scarf or handkerchief.

I'd call for actresses and musical stars covering up more at award shows to avoid "accidents" and over exposure on the red carpet.

women that paint their body as part of entertainment should at least put on flat pasties first.

Nude or topless beaches should not include nude or topless boardwalks as well.

Nude building should require mesh or clouded windows and patios.

These are just common sense.

Human body can be beautiful to see, but over exposure is not, especially in mixed areas.

*** those that forbid breast feeding even with the use of a cloth or scarf are morons *** If women need, tailors and clothing stores should be willing to put pockets on shirts with a button or velcro flap for free, to make breast feeding more modest and easier.

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