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Trump willing to destroy this country, anything to stop his downfall


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Mar 17, 2015
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A Divided Country Is Exactly What Trump Wants
He thinks it will save him. It explains his combative remarks about Charlottesville.

The deflector in chief, is willing to do anything to take this country's mind off of the impending investigation over his money laundering schemes, even start a new civil war. That's how selfish and self serving this maniac is. And to keep the mindless supporters on his side, he constantly throws them a bone of jobs and this or that, because he realizes how gullible and stupid they are. Every time he's in trouble, he holds a press conference and throws out all the shit he planned in his campaigns, but he does this little by little only when its in his best interest to deflect.....that's how stupid he thinks his supporters are. He was even willing to start a WWIII with NK, anything to get our minds off the fact, this crook has been laundering money to Russia for decades, that his wealth is all from fraudulent deals and the Trump brand is tainted with Russia input, in fact Donald Trump is a crook!!

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