The US is set to drown the world in oil


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City

A staggering 61% of the world’s new oil and gas production over the next decade is set to come from one country alone: the United States.

And globalists, along with eco-freaks, are whining that it will continue to destroy the world’s weather. More man-made Globull Warming alarms.

Output is set to be so vast that if US states were treated as countries, Texas is forecast to be the biggest producer of new oil and gas in its own right, with production nearly four times that of Canada.

Seven out of the top 10 biggest oil and gas producers would be US states, with only Canada, Brazil and Russia making it onto the list. Pennsylvania is set to be the third largest producer of new oil and gas, producing more than double that of Russia.

And here it comes!

The recent National Climate Assessment starkly laid out the risks the US faces from climate change. These include more extreme temperatures, rainfall, high tides, coastal flooding and forest fires, as well as worsening air quality, all threatening the health and wellbeing of the American people. These risks are highest for those that are already vulnerable, including low-income communities, some communities of color, children, and the elderly. The financial costs are staggering too, under a high emissions scenario where the world fails to mitigate climate change costs to the US economy could exceed $500 billion a year by 2090.

Got it?

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The US is set to drown the world in oil | Global Witness


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May 3, 2018
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That's great news. This is a huge economic windfall for the United States, and will help keep energy prices affordable Worldwide! We need to maximize our fossil fuel energy production, and EXPAND our refining capacity. That will be the bottleneck.

The world runs on oil, and natural gas. That's not going to change and doesn't have to as we have CENTURIES of accessible supply.

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