The psychology of climate change inaction


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Aug 6, 2009
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This is something the AGW crusaders have very little understanding of. These people spend their lives scratching their heads, "But the science is clear....why isnt the public screaming for action?"

It's called basic human psychology. Duh....the science wonks might think it doesnt matter. In fact, it's the only thing that matters!

When people experience the climate from the day they are born, they are exposed to consistent stimuli, the operative term being consistent. It creates perceptions. They see floods, fires, hurricanes etc......but nothing out of the them. They feel bitter cold. It doesnt square with the science assertions because the experience is static. It's no different than somebody telling you that watching paint dry is exciting as hell. No its not....well maybe to a precious few but most people are not going to be moved watching paint dry. Some scientists saying its fascinating isnt going to matter. matter what the science is saying.....for 25 years now btw....its going to have little impact on perceptions of the climate! And we know that because climate change inaction is a given. People may say they care, but they dont see anything they do individually to be of any consequence.

What could change this dynamic? Only something significantly different being Canada experiencing 75 degrees for three straight weeks in January, the lakes melting and photos of bikini clad babes riding around on jet ski's. Otherwise, the people see paint drying.


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