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Apr 1, 2011
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I have refrained from posting topics... hahaha... in as much as they come to me because I don't wanna dramatize every brain blip as some has opined having been done. :D

I use lots of smileys, at times, but because I had been taught the importance of allowing expression to emphasize words... regardless of how the limiting smileys, commonly referred to emoticons, can be... and I still hold fast that they should be referred to as 'expressions', as they rarely ever do more than express the moment's thought/emotion. :D


I have picked up so many books through the years and have found it rare to be driven enough to actually buy a few. I have many, all of which I have bought at a discounted price, picked up from the library sales, found at rummage sales and/or other low ranking basement boxes. *hearts* This is another of my loves. Books... Books... Books. OMGorsh, just to have, even, BOOKS.

Just in the last day I picked up another book, one on the science of secrecy, ancient Egypt and quantum cryptology. I am so in love with this... Why? BECAUSE it is books like this, that I don't even READ much of let alone go from cover to cover, that help me to better understand that I am NOT a fruitcake. I am not a loon! :eusa_angel:

I seem to forever be searching for fellowship that I have yet to find. Even in the church, though I love and miss it, there were so few individuals that really seemed to share the deepest of spiritual connections. Perhaps if I were to be in fellowship now, it would be different, or I would understand things differently, but when our family was faithful and when we were consistent members of the body, there seemed a great lacking. It may have very well been us.

Anyways... again. I have had many books through the years, and still do, but the only one I have ever studied extensively is my bible. I collect a great many, and as I mentioned I love them dearly, but the main reason I love them so is that they prove, even if just to me, myself, that what is so 'freely' :eusa_whistle: given to us, all of us, surely, is real. The mirages, the mystics, the vaporous life, 'it all', is as it is said to be.

The bible is science, math, history, psychology, crafting... just everything imaginably needed for both sanity and insanity.

There is so much going on, so many avenues that are by every appearance seems to be diverse and different and yet are not. There are so many amazingly important books out there that have not only continue to be written but have been written for centuries and they only PROVE where the spirit is lead through most naturally.

It isn't a comfortable subject, and it isn't one most welcome... but the bible is as much liberating as it is protective and preserving. It may enslave a great many but it also heals and it empowers people (who listen and obey, accordingly) beyond what words could convey.

*lola* So, posting this topic... I wanted to see if there were any other books that others would care to mention and how those books have empowered them, proven to them, secured them within their necessarily individual Self.

I once came across a book called 'Necronomicon', which was then written by HP Lovecraft. Now, there is another 'Necronomicon' which is written by Donald Tyson... They are not the same book but both contain some very interesting things that are dubbed 'fiction'... It is ironic to me that some of the most amazing works have to take the toughest beatings and yet 'we' as a nation are all about making life as enjoyable and as easy as it can be for the 'masses'.

Why do so when it is clearly against the mind of man to be at ease?

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