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the obvious


Apr 3, 2011
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isnt it obvious who should be president in this up coming election? how can folks be undecided at this point in time, especially the way this dictator has taken this country, headed for a poor country with problems. more debt, substandard healthcare, ruining business that provide strength financially for the country. higher taxes for everyone, weak military leading to threats! broken immigration system, more debt, unfair trade, more people on assistance, more debt, billions of dollars to green energy with no return.

isnt it time to do whats right for america! instead of whats right for obama! heres his accomplishments: more folks dependent on tax payer money, doubled gas prices, headed for higher taxes, 35 to 50 billion dollars that tax payers will not get back from gm, bankruptcy would have been more responsible. gm would reorganize to a more efficient company that would be more responsible with their money. they got taxpayer money they built a volt car/ obama car that cost 89,000 to build, they tried to market it for 40,000 it did not sell well, duh! look at the price not to mention the waste. now their trying to sell it for 30,000, look at the loss!

crime has sky rocketed! under obama watch all across the country. now they are trying to tax the internet! folks they cannot afford all the free lunches they have out there, they cannot afford obamacare, so they are looking for anything or everything to pull in money to survive. there has been no leadership the last four years, when you dont have a strong plan for a strong america, you have what we have, failure! it will only get worse with obama!

the only folks that like obamacare are the folks on continued assistance today, duh! why would working people want substandard healthcare? there is a commitee/board that will direct what kind of care you will or will not receive.

today bill clinton slammed obama for allowing hillary to be the fall gal for the libya ordeal.
how incompetent can one be, 9-11 no security in a crucial country. whats criminal is the poor folks ask for it and people/ military folks new they needed it, but was denied? this was a no brainer. is this the kind of administration you want running the country?

soldiers hands have been tied in combat with obamas rules, they cannot shoot first if they notice terrorist activity, i.e. terrorist burying ieds, are you kidding me! i bet if obama was in the trenches these rules would go out the window real quick.

folks this president is over his head and never had any real experience to begin with. now hes asking for a replay of the last four? really! this guy has never worked to be president! hes been too busy with hollywood, t.v. talk shows, playing golf, flying around to countries with his family vacationing. hope and change my bottom! thank you!

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