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The New Socialist Party to correct the economic problems.


At the Ballpark July 30th
Nov 8, 2008
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South Pacific
Since I am an ultra liberal for this weekend, I have decided to declare myself a Presidential candidate of the New Socialist Party that I have just founded. (Gosh, if it have too much fun with this, I might never become a Conservative again.)

I had to form a new party because I am essentially an unknown with a slightly funny looking last name. Neubarth when translated from German means New Beard. (My next book will be Newbeard the Great, but that is months away from being proofread and not related to this vital presidential candidacy.)

We have to have a new way of thinking in North America. We need to unify the whole continent and address the lack of jobs as one nation with different cultures and different languages. I speak Spanish, Samoan, some French and English. I can also speak inner city Black, but it is dated to the Fifties when I was growing up on the South Side of Chicago when all of my best friends were immigrant Black kids from sharecropping farms in the deep south. Their parents were looking for jobs and came to Chicago in hope of living a better life. They changed their way of thinking and so should we.

Folks, there is a Big difference between printing money and borrowing it. The Treasury prints money. The amount of money in circulation that the Treasury has printed is usually fairly well documented. REpublicans and some Democrats are afraid to spend the money that will be needed to bring us out of this Depression.

People are confusing the printing of money with the spending of it. These are two different things. In our future socialist system, we can spend to boost the economy and put people to work, like on my pet plan to move twenty percent of the Mississippi River flow to the west to replenish the aquifers that are going dry. We could put over two million men to work on that vital project alone. My other project is to create resort islands off of our coasts (and hurricane buffers to protect our coastlines) with rocks dug up from vast tracts in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Nevada and West Virginia and eastern Kentucky and Tennessee.

We need to create massive freshwater lakes in the dug out tracts. That will put another two million people to work. Meanwhile we need to shut down all shipping from China so we can put people back to work making products that we used to make. Jobs are jobs, and we vitally need them.

We are in an economic war with Red China, and we need a president who will take forceful action in that regard. I favor shutting down all imports of Chinese products until those sons of bitches raise the value of the Yuan so we can compete fairly. Neither Republican or Democrat will take that kind of urgent action. Trust me for the rest of this weekend. I would have no problem with it.

Elect me the First New Socialist President of North America and I will take care of all of this.
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