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The Minutes of the Puppet Show


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Jan 12, 2012
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Los Angeles
Barack Obama elected , given a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing, told he's going to go down in the history books for advancing Socialism by passing an unconstitutional health care bill.
(Hillary Clinton angry because she thought she was going to do it)
(it would look very bad to have Obama as a one-term president)

Forcing people to pay for health care insurance becomes the most inportant issue of our day.

After 4 years with no good points to run on, Obama is up for re-election.

Due to outrage over failed policy, the party of the people, The Tea Party, starts winning influence throughout the country.

*) Establishment stooge Republicans are SELECTED to run for President.
Mitt Romney, because he passed Obama's health care bill in Massachusetts
Rick Perry, because he enforced health care procedures that sent teen girls to their deaths in Texas.
Huntsman, because people thought it would be funny to have a Democrat sound like "the voice of reason" in the Republican party.
Newt Gingrich as an ultra conservative safeguard

*) In February Yahoo "Signal" releases the results of the state elections long before any Republican is selected. (i wasn't aware until after the election)
Signal forecast goes 50 for 50 with Florida outstanding | The Signal - Yahoo! News

*) The Republicans , with no chance of winning the election, are allowed to hold many debates along with Tea Party favorites.
Able to blab what ever they want. (to create drama and realism)

*) The Romney, Perry, and Gingrich campaigns fail from the start , but the Republican leadership and the media will not let them go. Romney is constantly named as the front-runner, but due to poor support, Perry briefly takes the lead.
When Perry starts making comments praising Ron Paul, the establishment switched their support back to Romney.

*) Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann is falsely told by the Republican leadership she is unpopular, and eventually drops out.

*) Tea Party favorite Herman Cain , who never had any serious intention of running for President, now takes the lead with his anti-IRS speeches.
After completely false accusations are created by Gloria Alred, Cain gladly takes the opportunity to drop out of the race.
(someone told me that every election needs to have at least one black candidate)

*) Being the last true candidate of the public, Rick Santorum now takes the lead, and the last threat to status quo.
Newt Gingrich suddenly comes out of nowhere with funding from Nathan Adleson to divide the south and clear the way for Romney to look like the front runner.

*) Ron Paul, politician of the people, is still in the race but the ignorant public refuses to back him.

*) Wolfstrike spams every political forum , trying to alert Republicans that if Romney is confirmed as the candidate, the race is over and the Republicans lose 2012.

*) Romney is confirmed as the candidate and the Republicans lose 2012.

*) Obama's health care bill goes to the Supreme Court. Obama makes threats against the court

*) Two months before the Supreme Court decision, PBS starts playing a biography of justice John Roberts, talking about how "conservative" he is.
(obviously PBS is already aware Roberts is going to unconstitutionally uphold the health care ruling)

*) False stories swarm in the media that the health care bill is doomed (to create drama and realism)

*) Instead of Kennedy being the swing vote in the Supreme Court, Roberts is the swing vote.
(an attempt to make the Supreme Court look unpredictable)

*) Mitt Romney now invites people as VP.
it is predicted that if he selects a white guy, he will lose.
Marc Rubio declines the invite, knowing this ticket is going to lose the election.
Chris Chistie declines the invite, knowing this ticket is going to lose the election.
Romney ends up with Paul Ryan

*) Chris Chistie announces he wants to run in 2016, which would not be possible if Romney was going to win.

*) Romney says the way he will "over-turn" the health care bill is to send it back to the Congress. (which already approved it)

*) First presidential debate. The media and talk show hosts all announce Obama the loser (to create drama and realism)

*) The media announces Biden the loser of the VP debate.(to create drama and realism)

*) Romney's son makes a statement "i wanted to take a swing at Obama". (to create drama and realism)
You or i would have been arrested for that statement.
(obviously the Romney family knows the election is a sham)

*) Obama makes a comment in the debate "WHEN health care is implemented", implying that the illegal heath care bill has no chance of being overturned

*) "The great orator" , Obama , performs poorly at the last two debates and has absolutely nothing to run on.

*) The media continually reports that no president has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate over 8% (knowing that Obama WILL BE re-elected)
California withholds unemployment numbers, dropping the fictional rate to 7.9, which saves Obama's legacy in the history books.

*) The election is under way and Obama has no major support, other than black people and the Democrat leadership.

*) A story breaks again that most states will be using a Spanish company to count votes.

*) Chris Christie shows his loyalty to the future term President Obama, and uses the hurricane as a photo op

*) The Republicans report record turn out, especially in the swing states.

*) Idiot Trump tries to re-hash the birth certificate issue.(most likelt to drum up support for Obama)

*) The media shows Romney as the leader in the popular vote (to create drama and realism)
It goes back to Obama at the last minutes.

*) The media reports the election as "the closest election in 74 years" , but it isn't , Obama would be announced the winner at 9pm Pacific time.

*) Obama wins with 303 electoral votes.
303 minus 270 needed to win = 33.
World elites leave their occult number 33 finger print on the election.

*) Wolfstrike collects monetary bets from people who thought Romney was going to win.

*) Idiot Trump informs the public that "the election was a sham"

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