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The Essential Obama


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Oct 22, 2009
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Another fine job of nailing the reality of this president and this election to the tree!

WASHINGTON -- Well, apparently I am not crazy after all. The polls have caught up with me, and they -- après le débat -- are coming around to my point of view. Governor Mitt Romney is ahead in the race for the White House, and let me add he will probably be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2013.

I have been saying it for weeks, recognizing that the polls are weighted too heavily toward the Democratic candidate, employ too small a sampling -- as little as nine percent of the electorate -- and do not take into account the most important issue, that being the economy. Still, before the debate the polls were heavily against me, and my colleagues were beginning to question my judgment. No, make that my sanity. Now they are again reassured. I am allowed to work alone in my ninth-floor office with the window open. The polls show Romney pulling ahead even in battleground states after he demonstrated in debate last week that we need something more than a ceremonial president in the White House. It is a dangerous world that we live in.

President Barack Obama looked great at most official functions. But beginning with Ron Suskind's fine book, Confidence Men, and continuing on to Bob Woodward's recent The Price of Politics, it has been increasingly apparent that this president does not sit through meetings -- even national security briefings! -- does not know how to make or implement policy, and much prefers to gabble on and on, preferably with the assistance of a Teleprompter. And to think the official party line on Obama has been that he is eloquent. I think the wind came out of that legend when in debate the other night Romney said, "Look, I've been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you're talking about." All true blue Obama fans -- and even I -- expected the President to come back with any one of a half-dozen witty zingers. How about a rude reference to Bain Capital? Yet Obama looked glassy-eyed and the ref, Jim Lehrer, stepped in. Moreover, Obama continued to be wobbly and evasive in response to Romney's challenges. Some Obama fans blamed the ref, though if not for him Obama could have suffered bodily injury.

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