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The BBC Breeding Bush Hatred


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Jul 11, 2004
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Friday, August 18, 2006
The BBC Breeding Bush Hatred

Mr Eugenides noticed the BBC's humorless blast on President Bush today:

Taking the BBC's online "7 days 7 questions" news quiz, I discovered that President Bush had apparently read "L'Etranger" on holiday this year. It's no easy task to distil these grand and difficult themes into a small text box for a light-hearted news quiz. The BBC have chosen to summarise it thus:

Here is multiple choice question number 2 in today's quiz:

Among George Bush's holiday reading is Camus' slim volume about "a white man killing an Arab for no clear reason." (not pictured). The president's reported verdict?

1.) Time to reread an old favourite.

2.) An interesting book and a quick read.

3.) "I know I'd cry at my mother's funeral."

4.) All of the above.
So, Bush is reading about killing an Arab for no clear reason? (not pictured?)

That is supposed to be funny... I guess?... Or, is that how the BBC sees the War on Terror?... Does the BBC think George Bush is out killing Arabs for the hell of it?... What about Arabs killing Arabs? Is that funny, too? Or, how about Arabs killing innocent travelers in a plane by blowing up their own baby? Funny?

And, of course the BBC digs up the infamous goat book for the picture. (oh, where have I heard about this, sooooooooooooo much before?????


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