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The 2nd Amendment Was The Founding Fathers' 'Carry Permit' Right ('Constitutional Carry') Established For American Citizens

progressive hunter

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Dec 11, 2018
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Any and all federal gun laws are just totally and completely illegal.
Why do you believe that?

The 9th and 10th amendments say the feds can only have the jurisdiction explicitly granted to them in the Constitution.
Instead, the only reference to firearms in the Constitution is the strict prohibition on any federal jurisdiction, by the 2nd amendment.
Then if we simply apply the pragmatic needs, there also is no federal need, as states like Alaska clear need and should have different gun laws than a place like NYC.
So then gun laws clearly need to be state and local, ONLY!
The only federal gun laws needed would be over importation or interstate trafficking.
And even then, the point would be for the feds to work subordinate to local authorities.
youre leaving out the 2nd A nor anything else allows the states to have any type of restrictions,,,

now try and apply your logic to other amendments like the 5th,, can a state change due process and execute people without a jury trial??

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