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Storm-Shadow/Baroness: "The Golden Child" (Fan-Fiction!)


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Sep 22, 2013
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I've always been a huge fan of GI Joe (Marvel Comics) and wanted a terrific Thanksgiving parable about radical/heroic daiquiris, to offer some cool and nifty 'patriotic stimulation' and folklore for this first Coronavirus-tribulation holiday-season! Thanks for reading (and God bless),


Baroness and Storm-Shadow teamed up to rescue a golden child from the snowy mountains of the Himalayas during a terrible terrorist incident between India and Pakistan in Nepal and surrounding areas in Southeastern Asia. The woman Baroness and the man Storm-Shadow were usually agents in the super-infiltrator organization Cobra and were not used to working together, since Baroness was purely a war consultant while Storm-Shadow was a ninja-assasin. However, for this mission, Baroness and Storm-Shadow would have to blend their skills at strategy and strike to rescue this golden child. Baroness and Storm-Shadow were already considered supreme daggers of Cobra!


BARONESS: "I'm used to thinking of myself, but for the first time, I'm concerned for the species welfare concerning this child."


STORM-SHADOW: "I despise these empathy-missions, but this 'golden child' strikes my fancy about skilled heroism."


Meanwhile, the forces and gargoyles of modern Earth were gathering to consider why this 'golden child' would be considered the ultimate dark flower of a super-terrorist initiative to subvert basic sensibilities about fertility and compassion. The golden child would be served up as a sacrifice to human vanities, burned in a dark fire as various world monuments including the Sydney Opera House, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge were destroyed with explosives. This was the plan, and these super-warlords sought to use the 'golden child' in their statement about complete world destiny.


STORM-SHADOW: We'll rescue this golden child and revolutonize Cobra.
BARONESS: We must remain focused and not be side-tracked by the divinity considerations of the golden child!
STORM-SHADOW: True, the mission is more important now than the mission's magic.


All Storm-Shadow and Baroness had to do was steal some corrupt politics diamonds from Antwerp from this super-bank in North America. These diamonds were being used to finance the mission of the golden child managed by the super-terrorists. Storm-Shadow and Baroness would have to steal these diamonds and persuade the entire Cobra organization that such a bank heist signified a controlled focus on the value of earnest species daydreams.


RBC BANK: "We're proud of our institution, and its history goes back centuries, so we're maintaining all our strong axes and ties."


STORM-SHADOW: The inside of this North American bank is quite impressive, Baroness.
BARONESS: Yes, my ninja ally; this bank heist will require us to be perfect with controlled manipulation!


The bank had timed visits to the safe-boxes in the code-locked vault-room, and only wealthy investors had access to these regular visits, to check on the status of their holdings or to transport/remove their treasures. That's why Storm-Shadow and Baroness would have to coordinate a rather interesting (and timed!) invasion.


Storm-Shadow and Baroness entered the RBC Bank in clever masks, and they wielded toy-guns filled with a corrosive acid contained in an inner-glass tube inserted into their toy-guns. They claimed they were members of the international Halloween Circus Team (HCT) and sought to deposit their gold and diamond jewelry holdings in the safe-boxes of the vault-room and were welcomed by the bank executive and then escorted into the bank vault itself!


STORM-SHADOW: We have very serious intentions to take the $30 million diamonds from the Saudi box.
BARONESS: These diamonds are owned by corrupt leaders, and we're revolutionaries, and we won't be deterred!
BANK EXECUTIVE: Please don't let my fear dissuade your belief that this bank is open to such urgency.


BARONESS: We took the diamonds and returned them to the Cobra fortress where we'll present them as ransom for the child.


STORM-SHADOW: No child must be used as a diadem for a fascist coup, and our diamond-heist signifies a real dagger.


COBRA: "We humbly admit that this diamond heist of the treasures controlled by the super-terrorists monitoring this radical fascist scheme involving the diademic 'golden child' indicates that our two wily agents, Storm-Shadow and Baroness, a ninja and a vizier, are making roads towards the mountaintop of complete re-orientation of this child-oriented terrorist scheme, and we believe now that these displaced diamond chests only enforces the imagined idea that social signposts of 'theft-dragons' will subvert this 'golden child' diligence."


Therefore, Storm-Shadow and Baroness cleverly managed to steal the reputation of the global super-terrorists' scheme to manipulate the 'golden child' by creating humiliation with the diamond heist of treasures being used to simply finance this new terrorist initiative. No agenda, no matter how 'pressed' with propaganda could rationalize the extreme use of a 'golden child' in plans to create a new world order, and Storm-Shadow and Baroness just became Cobra's new twin-forces in the revised vision of anti-myopic destiny. The golden child was saved.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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