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Sonny Clark

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Dec 12, 2014
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[ I wrote this piece on 4/20/2006. Is it still relevant today? Even though it's almost 9 years old, I can see where it's taking place today for the most part. Can you see any relevance? ]

Overwhelmed or Unconcerned ??

It seems that the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are either overwhelmed, or unconcerned about the many serious issues this nation needs addressing urgently. I can’t remember the last time one piece of solid, helpful and meaningful legislation was passed. They’re sleeping right through one of the most troubled times in our long history.

We’re faced with an unbearable energy crisis, an enormous national debt, and a “never ending war”. Some have suggested that the three mentioned above are all tied together, and maybe they’re right. These problems are being compounded by mid-term election jockeying, which tends to cause caution, in fear of making the wrong decision that’ll result in lost votes.

And, what happened with the social security proposals, among other key issues supposedly pushed by the White House? Did the House and Senate place them in file 13? Certainly the House and Senate consider social security reform a top priority, I hope. Have meaningful and REAL tax cuts been abandoned?

Homeland Security has taken a lot of the lawmakers’ time over the past several years, but the show must go on. Even taking so much time on Homeland Security, we’re still not anywhere close to being secure. If key issues aren’t addressed and dealt with in a meaningful way soon, securing the homeland might be a moot point.

Some issues have seemingly fallen through the cracks. Did North Korea really halt their nuke ambitions? Have we implemented a program to narrow the trade gap with China, and others? What is the status of the Afghan poppy crops, which produce opium, which fund terrorists? What happened to the “promised” legislation on campaign reform?

Have we come to a point to where Washington gossip, impeachment threats, bribery charges, corruption accusations, nomination hearings, pork barrel projects, dereliction of duty, and presidential ineptness are the only concerns of our lawmakers? What about America? Shouldn’t the welfare and prosperity of Americans be somewhere close to the top of the priority list?

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