Starving them out, few choices for these interned civil war victims


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Nov 29, 2008
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I got a bit curious as to why Put was in Syria while the whole general's death deal and funeral went down. Apparently the Assad and Put plan is to starve them to death while in the refugee camps. Not a good plan when they refuse to allow humanitarian relief workers deliver food supplies to starving masses.

Syria’s Assad Is Deliberately Starving Thousands of Refugees


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is deliberately starving thousands of displaced citizens taking refuge in the Rukban camp in the southern part of the country, hoping to force them to flee with no guarantees for their safety, according to U.S. officials and a new report by a Syrian-led research organization.

As of July 23, roughly 11,000 internally displaced persons remained at Rukban, which lies in a no-man’s land off the border between Syria and Jordan, according to Etana, a research group based in Amman. Etana gathered information from multiple civil and military sources on the ground in and near the camp.

“Most of those that remain in the camp are wanted by the regime, their security situation is dangerous, yet as a result of the hunger and the miserable living conditions, people have two choices: killed by hunger or killed by the regime,” a source inside the camp said, according to a July 23 memo provided to Foreign Policy by Etana.

The deputy commander of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria, Maj. Gen. Alex Grynkewich, said in an interview that Assad has refused to allow the flow of United Nations-led humanitarian aid to the camp since February.

“Our team has been working through the UN to message the Syrian Regime that it needs to allow the flow of UN-led humanitarian aid to the camp,” Grynkewich told Foreign Policy in an email. “We have been consistent in calling on all parties to encourage the appropriate authorities to allow the UN unfettered access to Rukban in order to provide relief to the population there.” more @ link

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