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Social/Economic "Fairness": Only 2 ways to achieve.


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Feb 25, 2010
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OWS keeps demanding "fairness". In social life and economics. Well, considering their ugly looks, social fairness will only find them somewhere in Thailand. But other "fairness" they demand is in money basically. Jobs, money, property. And they want more, and they want those with a lot to have less. Thats it in a nutshell. So, there are ONLY 2 ways to achieve this redistribution:

1- Volunteerism. The rich and upper middle class can simply volunteer to give away their property, money or job. Also known as charity to some (which the right wing already leads the way in). But, to simply surrender and give away a lot.

2- Men with guns. Men with guns, employed by the government, OR, simple looters and thugs, can threaten violence or imprisonment with noncompliance with the new order of distributing a fair balance of property and money.

Wonder which the OWS is gonna end up wanting?

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