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So, when will Larry Elder become the next victim of the radical left-wing lynch mob? Sex scandals to come.


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Jun 29, 2013
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Wow, who would have ever thought in the fascist-left Democrat controlled California that a right-wing talk show host Larry Elder could be the next governor. It could happen. In the latest poll, the majority of Latinos want fascist Gavin Newsom recalled from office. Considering how many Latinos are in California - well, the only thing that can save Newsom is Democrat loving Dominion voting machines, mass voter fraud and intimidation. But the bad news for Newsom doesn't end there, roughly 50% of white voters want him recalled, and get this 41% of black Americans want him recalled. There are only 2 groups where Newsom has hope - Asian Americans, of which only 30% want him recalled, and then of course the dead people vote, in which 100% want Newsom to stay in office - but then dead people have a record of voting 100% Democrat.

In the polls, Larry Elder has not only a commanding lead, but a massive lead. If California can overcome fraudulent Dominion voting machines, mass Democrat voter fraud, and the dead people vote, Larry Elder will be the next governor of California. Dominion, mass voter fraud and the dead people vote might not be enough to save Newsom. So, that leads to this, when will the left-wing lynch mob pay off several cheap sluts to create sex scandals involving Larry Elder? It will happen, you heard it from me first.

I first started posting in this forum at the end of 2011. A few people know how old I am. I can now say I am old enough to know through experience that the racist, lynch mob left will do this to Larry Elder. I have seen it happen to other conservative black Americans who ran for office, Herman Cain, Ben Carson are 2 of them. History repeats itself. Larry Elder is a massive threat to the left, who if he gets into office could do tremendous damage to the left. I have seen it before, and yes, it will happen again. In conclusion, I'd rather drink jet fuel and piss on a forest fire than to vote for a fascist, I mean democrat.
OH yes.... you know goddamed good a well the rape victims will now start to appear..... the boy scouts who grew up to be ass rape victims of Larry will start singing from every corner of the state....yep....you are totally correct. I don't think its going to work though.....he's within two points on a polling system that lies like a muthafukker against conservatives....lol.



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Jun 8, 2016
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My guess is that the libs have a busty blonde who will come forward to accuse Mr. Elder of sex harassment. That's the stereotype the lib base has about the Brothers. They all go for blondes.

Remember a few years ago when they came up with that "Buy a Lick" broad to slander Herman Cain?

Maybe she's still available to try and take down Mr. Elder?


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Dec 25, 2015
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larry raped me.jpg

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