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SF GayMen's Choir has a message to you about your kids


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Apr 1, 2020
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Mar 9, 2011
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Oooops. :laughing0301:

"Using the Wayback Machine, The Western Journal obtained the apparently scrubbed list of chorus members and cross-referenced those names with a database of registered sex offenders in California. While the matches could be coincidental — some offenders may just happen to have the same name as members of the choir — The Western Journal unearthed at least four credible matches: David Wallace, Lawrence Earl Friedberg, Luis Cuadra and Keith Pepper"

Gay Men's Choir That Said They're Coming for Your Kids Scrubs Member List After Pedophilia Accusations


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Dec 25, 2015
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SF Gay Men's choir has a message to you about your kids Empty's choir has a message to you about your kids Empty
SF Gay Men's choir has a message to you about your kids


'We'll convert your children': San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus delivers musical message to those who work against 'gay agenda'

you can't get access to this video on youtube unless you've signed in and been granted access. I wonder why?

You think we're sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead lives you can't respect
But you're just frightened
You think that we'll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you're correct

We'll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtly
And you will barely notice it
You can keep them from disco
Warn about San Francisco
Make 'em wear pleated pants
We don't care
We'll convert your children
We'll make them tolerant and fair

A second singer then appears and says, "At first I didn't get why you'd be so scared of us turning your children into accepting, caring people — but I see now why you'd have a problem with that."

Then the pair duets:

Just like you worried
They'll change their group of friends
You won't approve of where they go at night
(to protests)
Oh and you'll be disgusted
(so gross)
When they start finding things online
That you've kept far from their sight
(like information)
Guess what?
You'll still be alright!

We'll convert your children
Reaching one and all
There is really no escaping it
'Cause even grandma likes RuPaul
And the world's getting kinder
Gen Z's gayer than grindr
Learn to love
Learn to vogue
Face your fate!
We'll convert your children
Someone's gotta teach them not to hate
Then the full ensemble kicks in:

We're coming for them
We're coming for your children
We're coming for them
We're coming for them
We're coming for your children
For your children
Your children will care about
Fairness and justice for others
Your children will work to convert
All their sisters and brothers
Then soon we're almost certain
Your kids will start convertin' you!

The gay agenda is coming home
The gay agenda is here!
But you don't have to worry
'Cause there's nothing wrong with
Standing by our side
(The gay agenda)
Get on board in a hurry
Because the world always needs
A bit more pride
(The gay agenda)
Come on, try a little pride!
We'll convert your children
Then we'll turn to you
Giving up the fear inside
Is freeing like you never knew!
Go and see San Francisco!
Go and turn up that disco!
You'll forget you were ever upset
We'll convert your children
And make an ally of you yet!
We'll make an ally of you yet!
We'll make an ally of you yet!
Anything else?

As to whether or not the music video represents actual intentions or is a joke — or maybe is somewhere in between — one Facebook post from the SFGMC calls it a "heartwarming and hilarious piece."

Another post about the song introduces it by saying, "Pride Month may be over, but the Gay Agenda never stops!" The sentence is followed by winking emjoi.

But you can decide for yourself.
I saw this sick pedo shit a week or so ago. Come get my kids faggots!

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