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Ron Paul in depth Q&A


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Jul 4, 2010
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Eugene Oregon
Media Ignoring Ron Paul? - Fox News Video - FoxNews.com

Maybe this will help answer some of the questions many of the more progressive minded "conservatives" (lol) have about where and why RP has a stance on an issue.

I really believe it's going to be close for Ron Paul on getting the nomination... 4 years ago it was about finding someone I liked, not winning as I knew it was not going to happen, possible but I knew it wouldn’t... Not to mention the guy interviewing RP asked him “why are you here” in the debates 4 years ago… Now he is hoping to get the ratings a Ron Paul interview can bring.

I think Ron Paul might win, of course over the next 6ish months or whatever we'll see how he does. RP is in a unique position where he keeps drawing more funding rather than less, unlike like many of the other Republicans running for President. RP also has a growing support base while everyone else’s is shrinking, only Perry has a growing base but we'll have to see how things look for him after a debate or 2 imo.

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