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Romney Holds 40-Point Lead With Military Voters


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
A new poll of 3100 active and reserve troops proves that America's best and bravest -- those men and women who choose to risk everything for a cause bigger then themselves -- are overwhelmingly in favor of firing Barack Obama and replacing him with Mitt Romney.

In a Military Times poll likely to devastate a White House that's done everything in its power to win over veterans, past and present (except come up with a cohesive and effective foreign policy), Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama by an astonishing 40 points, 66-26%

What's even more surprising is that Romney is doing almost as well against Obama as war hero John McCain did in 2008. That year, McCain polled a statistically insignificant two points better than Romney against Obama with 68% of support.

These numbers will and should be a legitimate and important talking point for the Romney campaign. Though the recent exposure of his incompetence and dishonesty have hurt his foreign policy credentials, Obama still holds a small lead over Romney in the arena of foreign policy. But if those who are the tip of our foreign policy spear believe in Romney by such a wide margin, people will take notice.

I can think of no finer character reference.

This poll might also help to explain this Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting and most especially, this. Military Absentee Voting Requests Down as Much as 70% from 2008 in Swing States


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