Reform our immigration laws? No, just "reform" their enforcement


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Jun 20, 2006
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The Senate, at least, proposed a bill that totally changed our laws - that is, "reformed" them. But why?

Nothing is wrong with the laws we already have. They say that a foreigner can't get into this country without a visa, and can't stay without a green card. They provide a certain number of visas of various kinds, per year. They provide for an active Guest Worker program, which is extensively used by many countries. And they provide for deporting people who cross our borders illegally, or who overstay an otherwise-legal visa. Those laws are in place to prevent sudden floods of immigrants radically changing the country we have built up for so long, with natives and legal immigrants working to make it what it is today.

Why, exactly, do we need to change our laws?

We don't. We just need to change (or "reform", if you will) the way we obey them. Because at present, we mostly don't obey them, and we haven't for some thirty-plus years.

People who get in on visas, overstay them - and we don't kick them out after their visas expire. People without citizenship are often found voting in our elections - but we do next to nothing to keep it from happening or prosecute the ones who do. And of course we have a literal flood of foreigners crossing our north and south borders every year, to the point where there are anywhere from ten to twenty MILLION of them in our country, right now. Every one of them illegal.

We don't need to "reform" our laws. We just need to follow the ones we have. For a change.

Present law makes it legal for us to build a triple-layer fence and wall system along our entire border. It will be expensive, and it won't stop every determined border-crosser. But it will stop most of them, and will let the Border Patrol concentrate on the few who get through.

Present law also makes it legal for us to increase the Border Patrol to a 50,000-man level, or more, to provide proper patrolling of our borders, along with the fence/wall system.

Present law also enables us to prosecute employers who knowingly employ illegal aliens and others who do not have the right to work here. A few such prosecutions have been done. We need a few THOUSAND more.

Tell me why, exactly, we need to CHANGE these laws?

The House of Representatives voted last year, to change them: they made them harsher. The Senate voted for something quite different: to make them much more beneficial to the illegal aliens.

For me, I see no need to change them at all.

In fact, I can see reason to increase our quotas of people coming into this country... with the proviso that countries who have had citizens come in illegally, must count those agains their quota. And at the same time, we must strengthen our borders and patrol them adequately, so that countries running immigration "deficits" will not be allowed to keep running them.

Or, we can keep our laws exactly as they are. Either scenario would be fine by me.

Sounds like the Congress is unable to reach a "compromise", and so they will not be sending any kind of "Immigration Reform" bill to the President's desk any time soon. I don't see any problem with that. It merely leaves us with our present immigration laws, which are fine as I have pointed out.

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