Redundant TV Ratings (in USA)


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Dec 12, 2013
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Noticing increasing amounts of censorship on tv here in Missouri. Dunno if a state-thing, or nation-wide. But what they're censoring is the strange thing.

With tv ratings like TV-MA, and on an animated feature like Brickleberry or South Park on Comedy Central, given the unrealistic quality of human figures, you'd think they wouldn't need to black-box censor nudity, but they do. Even "Roger the alien" on "American Dad" gets covered up when in drag (am now curious if old Bugs Bunny cartoons are similarly edited.) I don't agree with any censoring of the human form but censoring crude carichactures of humans (and non-humans) in animation seems over the top. And given they aren't concerned about violence and showing the destruction of the human body, showing the body before it's destroyed seems very curious.

At first I thought it was some FCC regulation but they show nudity on premium cable (though never an erect penis which I find offensive as a man heh.) And even on regular cable documentary channels. So apparently, nudity is permitted. Maybe it's a context thing? And hardcore porn is available here on PPV. At least I assume it's hardcore given those cost $15+ a pop. Get better porn online for free so haven't bothered checking those out.

What's the point of having tv ratings if even TV-MA is going to be censored and bleeped?

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