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Mar 4, 2009
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Arlington County Manager and appointed ACAAR Staff:

ACFD Chief Edward P. Plaugher gave sworn testimony to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States on May 19, 2004. My rebuttal below points out errors, omissions and deliberate fabrications in that testimony for careful investigation by the Arlington County Manager and his appointed ACAAR staff and the Office of Attorney General.

Rebuttal To Testimony Of Edward P. Plaugher (

My Complaint to the Office Of Attorney General against Arlington County Fire Chief James Schwartz and FBI Special Agent Chris Combs is at Link #1. Arlington County Fire Chief Edward P. Plaugher “designated Chief Schwartz as the ACFD Incident Commander for the 10-day duration of the Pentagon fire and rescue operations” (ACAAR Page 13 PDF). Chief Plaugher gave this testimony to The National Commission On Terrorist Acts Upon The United States on May 19, 2004. The combined testimony in the 911 Commission Report (911CR = Link #2), the Arlington County After-Action Report (ACAAR = Link #3), other Official Government Documentation (Link #4) and actual time stamp News Video data (Link #5) will prove that Chief Schwartz is not only lying, but he is intentionally providing false report information to cover up and conceal evidence of federal crimes. We begin by quoting from the third paragraph of Chief Plaugher’s testimony where false statements appear in bold text:
Within the body of the after action report, which is divided into four (4) major sections: (1) Annex A – Fire Department Operations; (2)Annex B – Hospitals and Clinics; (3)Annex C – Law Enforcement; and (4)Annex D – Emergency Management and the Emergency Operations Center, not only was the description of the response effort documented but also efforts were made to understand fully all elements for a successful response. The report was based on interviews of the first responders and generated with a bias towards their perspective, as well as the expertise of a recognized national firm that specializes in emergency preparedness and response. Staff preparing the report utilized an exhaustive multi-level validation process to produce the series of recommendations and findings. [Emphasis added]
1. No ACAAR mention of newly installed Wedge One fire sprinkler system:

The first fact standing against Chief Plaugher is that the Wedge One Pentagon section was newly renovated with a sprinkler system and the renovation program concluded on the very same day this Pentagon fire started. However, the term ‘sprinkler’ does not appear in the ACAAR even one time. The Plaugher ‘description of the response effort documented’ nothing concerning the fact that more than 95 percent of the Pentagon affected E, D and C-ring areas were protected by a newly-installed sprinkler system requiring very little firefighting effort at all.

2. No mention of primary impact area fire truck crews:

The two primary impact area fire trucks were Fort Meyer Rescue Engine 161 and Reagan National’s Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Foam Unit 331 that are positioned directly in front of the E-ring hole throughout the day on 9/11. The ‘description of the response effort’ excludes testimony from the two most-important eyewitnesses to these accounts, which means the ACAAR authors present an extremely narrow account of what really happened at the Pentagon.

3. Disparities between aircraft crash times:
A. 911Commission Report (911CR) Page 27 says, “At 9:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, traveling approximately 530 miles per hour.”

B. Arlington County After-Action Report (ACAAR) Page 200 says, “9:38 a.m. American Airlines #77, carrying 58 passengers and a crew of 6, crashes into the Pentagon.”

C. Executive Summary Chronology of a Multiple Hijacking Crisis September 11, 2001 (09/17/2001) says,

“0932 ATC AEA (Eastern Regional Air Traffic Control) reports aircraft crashes into the west side of Pentagon.”
The Official Government Documentation AA77 crash time varies by six minutes, which means somebody is lying. If the “Staff preparing the report utilized an exhaustive multi- level validation process,” they would know that Eastern Regional Air Traffic Control reported the aircraft crashing into the Pentagon at 9:32 AM and not six minutes later.

4. Disparity between UA93 crash times:
A. 911CR Page 47 says, “United 93 crashed in Pennsylvania at 10:03:11, 125 miles from Washington.”

B. ACAAR Page 200 says, “10:37 a.m. United Airlines Flight #93 crashes 80 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA.”
The UA93 crash time varies in the 911CR and ACAAR by thirty-three minutes and forty-nine seconds. If any “exhaustive multi-level validation process” was used to generate the ACAAR timeline information “to produce the series of recommendations and findings,” the ACAAR would not contain a myriad of contradictions with the 911CR and other Government reports. The Plaugher testimony continues:
1. Capabilities Others Should Emulate

· ICS and Unified Command: The primary response participants understood the ICS [Incident Command System], implemented it effectively, and complied with its provisions. Other supporting jurisdictions and agencies, with few exceptions, operated seamlessly within the ICS framework.
The notion that other supporting jurisdictions and agencies operated seamlessly within the ICS framework is disproved by the facts in this Pentagon Case.

Direct link:

The Pentagon Wedge One E-ring Impact Area appears atop the diagram between Column Line (CL) 10 and CL 18 with the rear C-ring hole at the bottom right. The solid black vertical line separates the water sprinkler-protected Wedge One side on the left from the unprotected Wedge Two side on the right. My characterization of protected and unprotected Pentagon sides is misleading, because all areas of the Pentagon include solid concrete slabs that compartmentalize each floor into six separate parts; including the basement. The important facts to realize are that:

1. Everything left of that recently renovated and reinforced cross wall is protected by the newly installed sprinkler system.

2. The Wedge Two Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Office fire was limited to the first floor only!

A/E Drive pictures show the C-ring hole at the first-floor level and the second floor was protected from fire by the solid second-story concrete slab. The area affected by this fire is approximately 60 feet by 100 feet of the DIA office of the C-ring section and we have literally hundreds of firemen on the scene shortly after the Pentagon came under attack. Chief Plaugher must provide a full written report explaining how the first-floor DIA fire penetrated the second-story concrete slab to start fires on the second C-ring floor. Chief Plaugher must provide a full written report explaining how the second-story Pentagon fire penetrated the third-story C-ring concrete slab to start fires on the third floor. The Arlington County Board must receive written reports from Chief Plaugher on how the third-story fire overcame four-floor concrete slab countermeasures to start fires on the fourth Pentagon floor and another report on how the same fire passed through the fifth-story concrete slab to eventually start fires in the Pentagon roof. Chief Plaugher continues to quote from the ACAAR:
· Mutual Aid and Outside Support: The management and integration of mutual-aid assets and the coordination and cooperation of agencies at all government echelons, volunteer organizations, and private businesses were outstanding and the response to the Pentagon attack revealed the total scope and magnitude of support available throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and across the Nation. [emphasis added]
Hundreds of firemen were available to Arlington County Fire Chief Edward Plaugher for containing a predominately ‘sprinkler-protected’ Pentagon fire that would continue ‘out of control’ for sixty hours.
"Late Thursday, rescuers worked to shore up unsteady parts of the building but flames erupted. The flare-up sent black smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the air over Washington." ("Flight Data, Cockpit Voice Recorders Found in Pentagon Wreckage," FoxNews, September 14, 2001, Google Search: but flames erupted group:soc.culture.malaysia )
Since there is no mention of the newly-installed Wedge One sprinkler system, then we must assume that the countermeasure worked just fine on 9/11, which means the small 60’ by 100’ C-ring DIA office fire somehow managed to spread ‘out of control’ into Thursday and a period spanning three days. For Chief Plaugher and the ACAAR staffers to characterize this firefighting effort as ‘outstanding’ to the point revealing ‘the total scope and magnitude of support available throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area’ is not representative of the facts told by independent national News reports and other action reports. ACAAR Page 38 indicates that the Pentagon fire breached the fifth-story concrete slab to enter the roof on day one of this operation. We skip down and Plaugher continues,
A basic undercurrent throughout the report was the fact that basic to all preparedness and response efforts is the need to build strong professional relationships between response partners prior to an incident. Failure to fully build a comprehensive network with response partners prior to an incident will lead to incident response failures. Critical to pre-incident success of relationship building is the need from the outset to utilize a command system that embraces Incident Command System (ICS) (National Incident Management System [NIMS]) and the concept of “Unified Command”. NIMS, the current ICS system embraced by DHS, coupled with a strong “unified command” concept that clearly articulates the “who’s in charge of what”, are the keystones for effective response. Without an effective, well- tested and practiced command and control system, confusion and accountability problems will surface and plague the responders. [emphasis added]
Chief Plaugher is alluding to the pre-911 relationship between FBI Special Agent Chris Combs and Arlington County Fire Chief James Schwartz named in my Office of Attorney General Complaint (Link #1) that this Pentagon fire was deliberately managed over a three-day period. The ACAAR page 17 says:
The partnership between the FBI and the ACFD was formed in advance through the initiative of Special Agent Chris Combs; it is a model that every metropolitan area should emulate. Those partnerships forged prior to the heat of battle proved invaluable. Ironically, Special Agent Combs, a former New York firefighter, lost two cousins during the response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. [Emphasis added]

The conclusion of my Complaint is that FBI Special Agent Chris Combs used his invaluable relationship with Chief James Schwartz to manipulate firemen in and out of position through a series of false reports. The only way that the Bush Administration-controlled FBI could maneuver Arlington County Firemen in and out of position-allowing the small DIA first-floor office fire to spread out of control-was by the establishment of these carefully nurtured pre-911 relationships on a federal, state and local level. ACAAR page 45 says,
ASAC Blecksmith also noted Special Agent Combs was extremely knowledgeable about the fire emergency and had an outstanding relationship with Chief Schwartz and other key leaders of the response force. ASAC Blecksmith kept Special Agent Combs with him as an advisor and established the FBI command post at the Virginia State Police Barracks, adjacent to the Navy Annex and overlooking the Pentagon.

The chilling truth is that FBI Special Agent Combs was ‘extremely knowledgeable about the fire emergency and had an outstanding relationship with Chief Schwartz and other key leaders of the response force,’ which allowed him to create a staging area inside the Virginia State Police Barracks from where he deliberately provided a series of false reports to manipulate local fire and law enforcement authorities in and out of position for three long days. The fact is that Chief Plaugher appointed Chief Schwartz to the ACFD Incident Commander position for the 10-day duration, because of his ‘outstanding relationship’ with FBI Special Agent Chris Combs; which is the primary reason that a reported ‘Seven Minute Fire’ (Link #6 = Carol Valentine- After-Action, Inc.) was manipulated for sixty hours (Link #7 = Carol Valentine = Sixty-hour Fire).

Page 200 and 201 of the ACAAR provide a 24-hour timeline for a Pentagon fire that lasted at least 60 hours. Chief Plaugher must provide an itemized written report, using local fire crew log accounts, to establish events for the entire three-day duration of this Pentagon fire for which the Arlington County Board and the Arlington County Fire Department are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth for an amended ACAAR. A full description of these Pentagon accounts will say,

1. The Pentagon was originally attacked at 9:31:39 AM (my USMB Topic) at the Wedge One E-ring CL-14 location from the southwest and more than six minutes before the currently reported 9:38 ACAAR time.

2. The Pentagon was attacked a second time at 9:36:27 AM at the CL-10 to CL-15 location from the west by a refitted A-3 Skywarrior Global Guardian Wargame Jet operated by remote control (my What Happened Topic).

3. The E-ring roof collapse is falsely reported in the ACAAR (9:57 AM) to deliberately conceal the fact that the Pentagon came under attack a third time between 9:42 AM and 10:15 AM (Link #5 = CBS News Video), when the E-ring roof finally collapsed.

4. ACAAR staffers were deliberately misled to include a 10:37 AM UA93 crash time to justify a 10:15 AM evacuation, when demolition charges actually brought the E-ring roof down.

5. FBI Special Agent Chris Combs deliberately provided false UA93 information to Chief Schwartz to remove firefighters from position, so there would be limited eyewitness accounts to the E-ring demolition actions.

6. Chief Plaugher bears responsibility for the decisions made by FBI Special Agent Chris Combs and ACFD Incident Commander Chief Schwartz over the course of this three-day firefight that should have concluded firefighting operations on 9/11.

7. The Arlington County Manager and ACAAR staffers are responsible for amending all errors, omissions-including a new 60-hour Pentagon fire timeline-and deliberate fabrications included in the current ACAAR that is the basis for many misleading statements in the 911 Commission Report and other reports.

8. Every misleading ACCAR statement was deliberately fabricated to conceal the murder of innocent bookkeepers, accountants and budget analysts tracking down the missing 2.3 Trillion dollars that remains missing today.

9. American Airlines has never assigned the FBI-designated ‘N644AA’ tail number to any Boeing 757 jetliner in history (my USMB Topic) and the entire Bush Administration 9/11 Pentagon Official Story is nothing more than fabricated lies.

10. Filing a false report concealing evidence of the murder of innocent Americans makes everyone involved an accessory after the fact.

At your service,

Terral ...

Link #1:
Link #2: 911CR =

Link #3: ACAAR =

Link #4: FAA Timeline =

Link #5:
Link #6: Seven Minute Fire = Pentagon, 9-11: The Seven Minute Fire

Link #7: Sixty-hour fire = portland imc - 2004.01.16 - 9-11 PENTAGON FIRE COVER-UP: "rescue" as 60 hr. witness assassination
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