RBG is still alive!


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Jun 15, 2016
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Ya just KNEW it had to happen (USA Today) :)

As America mourns the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a gender equality pioneer, respected legal mind and pop culture icon, some conspiracy theorists are suggesting the grief is long overdue.​
“She died a year and a half ago ... the body double could not keep up the act anymore and was about to be exposed...” Richard Cordes posted on Facebook in the late evening Sept. 18, soon after Ginsburg died.​
A similar post claims Ginsburg has been dead for two years. Michael Pietrobono named potential news items that could clog up the news cycle "to limit Trump's popularity." The third thing listed was a major death.​
"Today we have #3 - 'They' declared RBG dead .... finally! She's been dead for over 2 years now!"​
USA TODAY has reached out to both Cordes and Pietrobono for comment.​
There are also claims that audio of her from recent Supreme Court oral arguments has been doctored and is nothing more than phrases pieced together from earlier recordings of her remarks.​

Percy - I LOVE this thread. :cool: Bump it up!


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