Race Relations Forum -- "Content" Rule Clarification.

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Jun 9, 2011
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The Race Relations Forum is in Zone2 where the rules say ----

Each post must contain content relevant to the thread subject, in addition to any flame.
Moderation looks for "topical content" in every post. To clarify, any one or two line generalizations and racist stereotypes just can't address EVERY topic. So if you assert ---

That's the just way these Orange animals are. They are cranked up rapists and violent criminals.
----- there's got to be MORE than that to address the SPECIFIC topic.

The purpose of the "topical content" rule is to enforce respect for each specific topic and make the thread DIFFERENT from any other thread in the Race Forum. So those repeated generalizations and stereotypes and racial epithets need to be connected to the discussion with "a bit more effort". Staff is gonna be more demanding that the "relevant topical content" is achieved in every post. Check your posts before hitting reply.

The Forum does not exist as an opportunity just to bait race issues and shout racist memes. If you have to resort to that -- make CERTAIN that you make the effort relevant to the particular thread that you are in and provide some evidence that you are NOT generalizing to the entire race or class or group under discussion.
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