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"Quitessential(?)" As "In Voluntary Entry Into Disease-Places(?)!"


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Feb 22, 2009
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The last place anyone really wants to be sick is in a hospital. Killing things nest there, and doctors can bill for it, from there.

Governor Romney can point to his own Mormon background: "Absolutely nothing in my religious training or background has prepared me for the macro-economic challenges of high office." Mormons tend to voluntary measures. Barack Obama can point to his own lack of economics background and staff: "Absolutely nothing in my religious(?) training or background has prepared me for the macro-economic challenges of high office."

Reverend Jeremiah Wright can point to the Old and New Testaments of the KJV and comment quite clearly on the recent ARM's crisis in the United States. No one is forced into voluntary participation in the arithmetic used in economics, but the government does have the power to regulate money value, and interstate commerce.

Humans voluntarily enter the disease-places of earth starting day one. That even includes in hospitals. Therein commences there quintessential beings as humans.

The European stock markets even banned short sales. Only voluntary participants are affected, but all persons participant in economic matters are affected. All persons are affected, even if they are not short sellers, and even if they are not stock investors.


There is a clear supra-regulatory calming effect being imposed on all persons born, including across borders, from the new regulation of the European Stock Markets.

Even though persons may not be affected directly from the socialist stock ban, still other persons are indirectly participant due to voluntary day participations in market places.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred."
(Voluntary improvements on Lands of Many Nations now follow involuntary incarceration on Lands of Many Nations.)
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