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Proof EPA stopping job creation..Obama said so!


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Sep 19, 2011
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Obama also said that he was instructing his staff
" to move forward on job-creating initiatives without congressional approval where possible.
The White House announced steps to speed environmental and other regulatory approvals for 14 public works projects across the country."
Obama: Jobs bill is 'moment of truth' for Senate - Timesonline.com: Local News: environmental laws and regulations, economic policy, economy, labor economy, immigration policy

If Obama's administration can "speed up ..."
why the delays in the first place?

If Obama can find ways without "spending $440 billion" why is there a need?

Someone explain how if "speeding up" EPA,etc. will improve job creation why is the EPA et.al. blocking job creation?

The respected economic consultancy, IHS-Global Insight, concluded that EPA’s boiler regulations threaten nearly 800,000 jobs. The United Steel Workers Union (USW), which represents hundreds of thousands of workers, “in the most heavily-impacted industries, among them pulp & paper, steel, and rubber,” has taken note. The USW believes the proposal “will be sufficient to imperil the operating status of many industrial plants.”
‘Obama’s EPA a Growing Menace to Economy’ – Sen. Inhofe : USACTION NEWS

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