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Progressive Overreach Is Creating Lawlessness. A Cleveland Cop Is Its Latest Victim


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Feb 22, 2013
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This is the result of the 'progressive' demonization of police officers and police depts all across this country.

Shane Bartek, a 25-year-old Cleveland police officer, is the latest victim of a crime wave that has taken many lives across the country. He was off duty when he was murdered on New Year's Eve in a carjacking in Kamm's Corners, a neighborhood that many current and retired police officers call home.

Who would be so brazen, so stupid as to commit a carjacking and a murder in a neighborhood that is known for having so many police officers in it? 18-year-old Tamara McLoyd is who—a woman who already had a warrant out for her arrest for an armed robbery that took place on November 2. McLoyd allegedly shot Bartek at his apartment complex during the carjacking, and Bartek died later that night in the hospital. Meanwhile, another man with a long rap sheet—28-year-old Anthony Butler Jr., who has been convicted seven times in the last four years of theft-related offenses involving cars—was later arrested driving Bartek's car after leading police on a high-speed chase.


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