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Progressive of Pallor on pointless parade


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Jul 11, 2004
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By Michelle Malkin • October 4, 2011 05:01 PM
Raise your hands for DIVERSITY!

I’ve been tweeting up a storm about the rag-tag hordes of crude, lewd, needy, anti-greedy hipsters who have swarmed lower Manhattan in an anarchic campaign to “Occupy Wall Street.” Follow me at @michellemalkin for all the latest revelry.

Since I last blogged about the endless mass sleepover that began on September 17, the “movement” has spread to various blue spots on the map. Prog “celebrities” from Cornel West to Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore all made cameo appearances. Rapper Lupe Fiasco is donating care packages to fulfill the “#needsoftheoccupiers.” Among their wish list items: “Solar panels” and “installers.” That’s not a joke. It’s a real Twitter hashtag. Free advice: Don’t take a look unless you put your drink down in front of the computer.

Big Labor adds its muscle this week, and the saboteurs who work under the “Anonymous” hackers’ umbrella are lurking in the background. The latest joiners: “Occupy College.” Or rather: UN-occupy College. The protesters who gripe about being up their eyeballs in college debt (actually, it’s usually mom and dad who are up to their eyeballs) will protest the squandering of their future by squandering time away from the classroom sipping Snapple, munching Powerbars, Tweeting from their iPads, and bemoaning the homicidal corporatization of America.

One thing you won’t hear the MSM harp on the way they harped about the Tea Party: The overwhelmingly pale face of the “99 percent” movement. Just like their ideological elders in the liberal media, they are a lot more skilled at carping over lack of proportional representation among conservative institutions and the GOP than they are at demonstrating it in their own ranks.

Because I never pass up the opportunity to turn the tables on the sanctimonious bean-counters (see background links below), I commented on progressives of pallor in Matthew Boyle’s latest piece. Excerpt:

read it all here..
Michelle Malkin

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