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President Joe Biden Is A Threat To National Security



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Aug 4, 2015
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Federal law enforcement agencies in the Biden administration are reportedly purchasing numerous surveillance drones from a Chinese company the Pentagon has cited as a potential national security risk.

"Federal law enforcement agencies in the Biden administration are reportedly purchasing numerous surveillance drones from a Chinese company that the Pentagon has cited as a potential national security risk.

According to procurement records shared with Axios, the troubled U.S. Secret Service bought eight drones on July 26 from Da Jiang Innovations (DJI), a Shenzhen-based company that “dominates the commercial drone market in the U.S. and abroad” and whose products “require the user to download proprietary DJI software, and to fly using mapping databases that have the potential to be monitored remotely.”

The scandal-ridden Federal Bureau of Investigation also made purchases from DJI, having bought 19 of the company’s drones a few days prior.

The July 26 purchase by the Secret Service came three days after the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) issued a statement warning that DJI systems “pose potential threats to national security.”

Biden ignored CIA and Military advisors regarding Afghanistan, and his Afghanistan withdrawal turned into a major Clusterfu@k!

Now he is ignoring the DOD's National Security warning.....

The CCP is definitely getting their money's worth from their Purchased Puppet.

I would ask the snowflakes to avoid using their standard attempt to discredit the source when they can't debunk what is being reported. Don't waste our time posting if you can't actually debunking what is being reported. It just comes across as desperation without anything to back up your whining.


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Sep 29, 2005
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Surfing the Oceans of Liquidity
President Biden HIMSELF has proven he is a direct THREAT to our National Security:

Biden's family has been exposed as having been involved in financial scandals and campaigns for decades, to include Extortion, Influence Peddling, Russian Money Laundering, and taking approx 1 BILLION dollars from the CCP, meaning Joe Biden was compromised before he ever began running for President.

The fact was exposed that during his election campaign Joe Biden took MILLIONS of dollars from the US' enemies Russia and the CCP.

President Biden is mentally unfit to carry out the duties and responsibilities as President.

President Biden himself has declared on numerous occasions that her is not in control, is not making his own decisions as President, that he is given orders on when to take press conferences, that he is told which reporters he can call on and which ones he can not, that is ir told which questions / topics he is allowed to answer / talk about and which ones he is not, and he has 'handlers' who monitor his speaking events and who cut his microphone off if he goes off script.
- Neither Congress nor the American people know who those handlers are.
- Congress, Americans, & our allies have no clue who is really in charge - Americans & allies losing confidence in Biden & wonder who is in charge - our enemies are already moving to take advantage of the confusion and weakness (Russia, China, Taliban...)

Almost immediately upon becoming President, Biden:
- Surrendered our energy Independence
- Supported our enemy's strengthening its choke-hold on NATO's / Western Europe's energy dependence
- Surrendered both our National Border security and National security by ending every on-going Immigration policy and replacing it with an Open Border Policy
-- Surrendered control of the border to Cartels and Coyotes, according to Biden's Immigration Czar
- Has intentionally lied to Congress and the American people by claiming there is no crisis on the southern border, jeopardizing National Security
- Created a humanitarian crisis on the border
- Continues to illegally traffic illegal liens / children all over the US
- Has created the largest drug trafficking event in US history
- Has created the largest human / child / sex trafficking event in US history
- Has created the largest COVID-19 Super-Spreader event ever
- Has vilified/demonized unvaccinated Americans, calling them killers, while exempting Congress, Illegals entering the US/he is trafficking all over the US, Democrat Governors / Mayors & Hollywood elites
- Put thousands of Americans out of work
- Sent more troops into Syria (and later declared the US has no troops in Syria)
- Completely f*ed up the Afghanistan withdrawal
-- Got 13 military members needlessly killed
-- Lied to Americans & allies, betrayed them, left Americans behind in Afghanistan
-- UK Parliament coted President Biden 'In Contempt of Parliament'
-- UK vowed NOT to work w/US militarily again w/US as long as Biden remains President
-- US Credibility damaged, President Biden's credibility DESTROYED - he has none.
- Did NOTHING in response to Russia hacking of US energy and food distribution
-- Gave Putin a list of 18 critical infrastructure and ASKED him not to attack THOSE 18 'targets'
-- Displayed weakness to the entire world.

Biden promised to be a UNITER & everything he is doing divides the nation.

Domestic Policies failing
- Border crisis
- Violence ravaging cities
- Un-Constitutional Mask / Vaccine Mandates / Vaccine Passports
-- Democrat Party Politicians constantly breaking President's / their own edicts
-- Biden exempted Politicians / Democrats / Illegals / Hollywood elites
-- BLM protesting Racist Vaccine Passports intended to keep blacks 'out of places'
- Economy
- Energy

Foreign Policy
- Failed Afghanistan withdrawal
- Lost trust of Allies
- Lost assistance / cooperation from allies
- Australia-US Sub deal causes ally Fr to withdraw Ambassador - more strain with allies
- Sect of State Blinken removes statement that US will stand with people of Hong Kong
-- Sign of further weakness
-- Many wonder more if Biden has been compromised by CCP

As many predicted of the obviously dementia-suffering, scandal-plagued former VP, Biden and his Presidency thus far are a disaster.



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Oct 14, 2009
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The AL part of PA

Thanks for the post.. Your an obvious Russian plant and if you don't like Biden we must be doing something right...

Good luck Comrade...
Standard commie tactic, call your US opponent what you really are.
Like when Hillary called Tulsi Gabbard a commie after Hillary paid Russians for the Steele Dossier.
Xiden is Putin's Whore, he approved Nord Stream 2 to give Putin cash to modernize his military, commie coxucker.


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Feb 22, 2021
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Of course he is, and the entire Dembot cult.

They have surrendered to terrorist, they have destroyed our relationships with some of our oldest and closest allies, they have opened our southern border to terrorist and Covid, both the Chinese and Xiden variant....we have crime on the rise, inflation on the rise, record under employment....thanks Xiden

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