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President Biden rallies allies to face Chinese expansionism.

Harry Dresden

Adamantium Member
Dec 15, 2008
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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will press G-7 leaders to take concrete steps to counter China’s rising global influence on Saturday, the second day of the annual summit.

One of these steps will be a global infrastructure initiative called “Build Back Better for the World.” The multi-billion-dollar plan, parts of which were previously announced, aims to create what one White House official described as a “higher quality” alternative to China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project.

President Biden once again shows how it is done.

Unlike the previous Administration whose China policy was a haphazard clusterf**k, our new President seeks to confront Chinese expansion by rallying around our allies instead of offending them.

The Trump Administration gave a free pass to China to expand its influence. It did nothing as Chinese invested in and spread its tentacles into our backyard, in Asia and in Europe.

Biden will not be the useful idiot to the Chinese that Trump was.

Chinese power must be dealt with. President. Biden is taking the right course of action.
lol geezus.....
Brilliant response...for a 12 year old. Got anything else?
aww whats the matter augie?....did uncle harry say something you didnt like?....lol...

Eric Arthur Blair

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Jul 21, 2015
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I think he knows this "consensus building" bullshit to contain or deny China is a lot of
politician speak Feckless Joe is putting out to cover over his decided failure to do anything at all.
Look at the eight years Obama and Biden had to do anything meaningful to deter China.
If you can find anything let me know.

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