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President Biden On Afghanistan, An Unbelievable Disaster!


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Nov 26, 2015
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The GOP were far less interested in this topic during the Trump administration as the Afghan government and the Afghan army racked up one failure after another.

The Republicans’ sudden interest in Afghanistan is plain old politics


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Jun 14, 2021
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Over there
The Pentagon said that the United States will help with MONEY to relatives of people who were killed by the US missile strike in Kabul.

The Pentagon killed 10 people of a peaceful family, including children, while striking at "terrorists".

For the sake of such a case, the United States is even ready to print a few more dollars.

Colin norris

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Apr 25, 2021
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Joe Biden is a failure as a President on the matter of Afghanistan and this will have major negative ramifications for his Presidency and the ability of America to lead the world on multiple issues for at least the indefinite future! Joe Biden not only got the overall issue wrong on Afghanistan by characterizing America's involvement as an endless war but also got America's military pullout from Afghanistan terribly wrong for he didn't have America act like the Afghanistan people's great friend which he should have which would have culminated in him giving the Afghan people time to prepare to be on their own from a security standpoint! Joe Biden and many left wing policy advocates and for that matter many right wing Trump supporters and enablers characterize the Afghanistan matter as an "endless war" that is an avoidance of focusing on what is good; in the past month General David Petraeus gave an interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria and just this past Monday Senator Ben Sasse gave an interview to CNN's Jake Tapper and I am sure there is many other stand-up people who said what they said which is that this "endless war characterization" was wrong the characterization that should have been used was that for 3500 troops on the ground in Afghanistan that America's security interests were served by denying a radical Islamic extremists group, like the Taliban, from taking over a country that would allow its territory to be used as bases for other radical Islamic extremist's groups who had world-wide caliphate ambitions and would kill people in America and her allies country to succeed in these goals. They said America has not been conducting ongoing combat operations against the Taliban for years, Afghans have been handling this they've been prosecuting the war and it is understood that the Taliban won't be defeated on the battlefield so that is a foolish consideration, for the terrain of the country is mountains galore which makes it practically impossible to regularly win every military engagement against the Taliban which it would take to win the war. Further, they highlighted that it is in America's reputation and values interests to stay militarily engaged in Afghanistan thereby providing stability in the country, because the alternative is that it looks like America betrays its friends and is not a reliable ally, moreover Afghanistan returning to the Taliban culture where women are treated as chattel is an afront to America's values that human rights are always to be respected!

President Biden is insulting and offensive to the American people his reaction to the Afghanistan matter, he acts like a low-life politician that will say anything to further his or her interests. His Monday's address demonstrates this clearly; he repeatedly said things like Afghanistan leaders don't care about their country they refused to fight so why should America send its sons and daughters to fight and die for the country of Afghanistan. Joe Biden must think that the American people are stupid we know the media reports we know the truth that the Taliban en masse bribed and paid off Afghanistan political and military leaders to surrender and these leaders accepted the pay offs because their confidence in the survival of the Afghanistan government was broken by America's betrayal in the peace process and America's abandonment of Afghanistan on the battlefield with their swift military exit without allowing the country to get its sea legs where it could handle security on its own. These Afghan leaders recognized the reality that American left the Afghanistan government in a fatally wounded state so that surrendering to the Taliban might accrue mercy to them allowing them and their families to live in the eventual Taliban society that will exists throughout Afghanistan. It was a complete betrayal by the U.S. government to enter into unilateral negotiations with the Taliban excluding the Afghanistan government our partner in the War for the past nineteen years, it was an egregious betrayal to agree to the term in the "exit agreement with the Taliban" that five thousand Taliban and other radical Islamic extremist fighters would be released from prison before the Taliban concluded a peace agreement with the Afghanistan government, it significantly directly aided the Taliban militarily on the battlefield for instance one of the prisoners released was Mawlavi Talib who ended up being the Taliban commander that led the attack and conquered the capital of Helmand province!

President Biden did not have to honor the Trump Taliban agreement, Joseph Biden reversed course on Trump's decision on the Iranian nuclear agreement, he reversed course on Trump's decision on the Paris Climate accord and so many other major Trump decisions. Also, It is not like President Trump when he entered into the Taliban agreement in February of 2020 intended to fully honor the agreement, it was a typical transactional move on Trump's part, for Trump only drew down America's troop presence in Afghanistan to 2500 personnel much later in the year, thereby providing a delayed communication to the Afghans America's imminent exit could be real, because what actually happened here was that when it was clear that Trump was struggling in his reelection bid he wanted to look like he accomplished his 2016 campaign promise of getting out of Afghanistan so to help his current campaign then he ordered the exit drawdown, so the Afghanistan people and government clearly did not know until it was very late that America was definitely militarily leaving the point being that they weren't given the time to prepare for the major transition of being without their protector, America. Further President Biden should have known being-Vice President what General McMaster, former NSA advisor, described which was that the Afghanistan Army was designed by the U.S. military to have a plug-in to the U.S. military, since America was leaving American had a duty to create in the Afghanistan military the wherewithal to stand on its own to be able to be effective without a plug-in. This moral obligation put a duty on the U.S. government to at least stay in Afghanistan for another eighteen to twenty-four months to prepare the Afghanistan government to handle its own security. The U.S. military should have brought about the Afghanistan military rotating its individual city military forces into combat against the Taliban and see if they fought and fought effectively because as current investigations are revealing and many U.S. military officials knew which was that many of Afghanistan military personnel were just there for the paycheck they were not committed to defending the country the Afghanistan military needed to have the time to cut out this paper army. After such actions, the U.S. military should have informed the Afghanistan President and its Parliament leaders with a written report how much of the country it's remaining military could defend so the country's leaders could reallocate their military resources to at least defend key cities they were able to and give the Afghanistan population notice that if they wanted to be protected from the Taliban they needed to move to these protected cities. During this time the U.S. military could have provided the critically valuable service for the Afghanistan government of brokering agreements with anti-Taliban militia leaders throughout the country to expand their ranks and resources and secure certain areas of the country from Taliban control, which would have been super valuable to the Afghanistan government reducing their security burden and tying up their Taliban enemy, and the U.S. military should have helped to fulfill those agreements by arming and if needed be training the militias.

President Biden said Monday that "The events we’re seeing now are sadly proof that no amount of military force would ever deliver a stable, united, and secure Afghanistan — as known in history as the “graveyard of empires.” What is happening now could just as easily have happened 5 years ago or 15 years in the future." what President Biden is essentially saying is that the Afghans are a defective people that could never build a free, secure, democratic and stable country. I don't believe that I believe the Afghan people like all people are a good people that could have built a permanent good country for themselves. If one reads my earlier postings one knows that I identified several corrective actions the Afghanistan government should have taken; one gargantuan problem with the country of Afghanistan is that their constitution enshrines the religion of Islam making it the supreme law of the land and I have nothing against the religion of Islam every Afghan could be as a devout a Muslim as a human being can be as far as I am concerned. The problem that I have with the religion of Islam and that every good and prudent human being should have is that in any country where it is being used to justify behavior that violates human rights, like the country of Afghanistan, it should be in no way used as an authority for the civil law in the country. What the Afghan people desperately needed to do and what every country that claims to be a friend of Afghanistan should have been advocating for is that the Afghan people needed to change their constitution to read "that all precepts and ideals of the religion of Islam are subordinate to human rights and all Afghanistan laws shall not violate this rule" this puts a dagger into the heart of the Taliban culture which twists the religion of Islam to justify their barbaric culture and it helps fight against the corrupt culture that pervades Afghanistan that right and wrong are subjective things whatever the authority cleric speaking thinks is right, in a good community and in a good world right and wrong are not subjective they are definitive and recognizing that is a necessary foundation to having a good country.

What President Joseph Biden and the United States Congress need to do is send in the U.S. military to Kabul and secure that city and re-take Bagram air base and use Bagram to wield U.S. air power throughout the country of Afghanistan. That is the only way to stop the humanitarian catastrophe that will befall the Afghan people at the hands of the Taliban and rescue all the Afghan people that gave their loyalty to America as translators and embassy and base staff and the like who are now in grave danger of being killed by the Taliban as they rebuild their tight control of largely the entire country! This writer is around sixty years of age and like many people has long been a religious person and knows through religious faith that makes spiritual awareness as real as the keyboard I am currently typing on that there is a God, he is engaged in this world and he is a good person and I can say with one hundred percent surety that the one true God is not going to let the Biden Administration's throwing of millions of Afghans to the Taliban wolves go un-responded to, his love for his Afghan children and his awareness of the extreme suffering they now face will move him to bring to a just accounting to the entity responsible, the Biden administration; I don't know how the Biden Administration will be penalized from God over this but my conscience indicates it will definitely happen and it will be severe! Also, I think President Joe Biden is a little clueless to think people and governments throughout the world won't be permanently shaken by his betrayal of the Afghan people they rightfully are shocked by the American government's completely unfeeling and uncaring abandonment of millions of Afghan people to the Taliban animals to a life of misery and abuse of every kind at these animals' hands! All peoples throughout the world are smart and so they will uphold pretenses toward President Biden and his administration but President Biden with this move has shredded his reputation for good character in the world's eyes and that matters, countries will do what they need to do but President Biden just permanently blew his ability to be a great leader on the world stage and with the many problems in the world that is a big, big loss for America and the world!
Well plagairised .
It's a shame its only right wing propaganda.

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