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Possible Marital Obstacles for Christian Women


Apr 1, 2011
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Perhaps one of the biggest issues in Christian life is the fact that Christian women are married to men primarily not in ministry. I don't know every woman's heart, but for me if a man knows his bible and can teach the mass in such a way that his message is personal, he's achieved more than getting my attention. Looks does not matter, focus, dedication, strict life goals, and spiritual depth with vision does. However, one thing that does not have the same effective influence is an outright affair for the love of mere sexual gratification.

So many women loose interest in making a marriage work when the preacher preaching is pointing out every flaw her man has... usually without ever even cluing in he's doing so. Christian women also battle at what seems to be much deeper levels of the psyche than their men, granted, there is also jacobs ladder (jack's beanstalk) and such... Women, do we boost our men far enough that they can accomplish and achieve the giant's ground? We often think ourselves further advanced when it comes to spiritual matters, however, are we? We may in fact merely be decorating the walls of hollywood's way. While this is a worthwhile effort, this is not our ultimate purpose, surely.

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