Pin Ups For The Vets

maybe we should make a girls of USMB calendar for the vets:p And we can make a guys of USMB calendar for our female troops:p lol
Personally, I think he's got the thing too heavily populated with tall skinny blondes. I like his older calendars better with real women. Plus I'd like to have some strawberry, pineapple, green tea, chocolate and mocha with my vanilla.

yeah good call on equal opportunity. Yeah finding a real women model that is either 100% natural or skinny as a rail is hard to find these days:sad:
I thank God every day for the daughters of Adam and Eve and their beauty.:razz:

you know i wonder about the level of inbreading of this world if we are all from adam and eve......might explain a lot actually...

ah come on that was funny.....i din't use the eff word either

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