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Paul Ryan — ‘If we stick with Trump, we will keep losing’…Ryan is right... if people like Ryan we will!


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Sep 19, 2011
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From.. Paul Ryan — ‘If we stick with Trump, we will keep losing’…
There are several threads regarding Paul Ryan's position about Trump and he is right... if RINOs like him support Trump they will NOT speak positively about Trump's truly America first attitude but personality attacks.
And this is because Ryan and others like him think Americans first consideration is a president is a nice guy!
Trump isn't! He's a true asshole! A true braggart! A true "Nouveau riche", Queens NYC resident where 2nd generation rich move to before to Manhattan.
But Trump is like a couple of bosses I've had, true dicks BUT they got things done!
Most anti-Trump people are provincial in thinking...i.e. they have to like the President's personal characteristics FIRST rather than a President's effectiveness.
But even more important though is the basis these people formed their opinions about Trump.
Just read what the MSM thought and think about Trump... by CNN...By Chris Moody, CNN Senior Digital Correspondent

I on the other hand are like millions of Americans who from some very simple observations believe Trump is a better President than what we've had and will have!
A) One simple observation: Trump did something only 2 other presidents did before him.... he donated his entire presidential salary to charity. He didn't need it! GREAT!
B) Another... Trump signed more federal land leases for exploration proportionally more than his predecessors and DEFINITELY more than Biden.
See attached where Trump signed over 2 1/2 times the number of leases than Obama did in Obama's first 4 years.
C) Which then meant 2 to 3 years later Trump's price of gas was at it's lowest in April 2020 at $1.93/gallon... versus Biden's gas 06/22 $5.032/gal. nearly 161% MORE!!
Gas prices have the most direct/indirect affect on All Americans... from directly at the pump to indirectly with food/services delivery by businesses.
And Trump knows that better than any previous president what gas prices have on Americans.

So for those of you that "claim" to be Americans... just consider what your current president has said to TEAR apart America!
"I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediate surge to the border, " FOLKS... illegals heard just "surge to the border"! That's it and they have!

For the first time in history, CBP has arrested 2,150,370 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the southern border in a single fiscal year. Every fair-minded American knows our southern border is not secure and has become overwhelmed with human and drug trafficking and cartel activity.”

Biden: "I want you to look into my eyes, I guarantee We Are Going To Get Rid of Fossil Fuels” September 06, 2019, 5:49 PM

And later as the President responded to a shouted question from an audience member about his longstanding promises to shut down fracking and new drilling on federal lands and waters by saying “no more drilling...there is no more drilling...I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

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Dec 28, 2010
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Western Va.
It was mostly Trump supporters that made up the 5 million votes that put republicans over the top in the mid terms. As long as repubs like Ryan focus on hatred for Trump they will look like whiners instead of winners.


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Jan 19, 2010
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Paul Ryan is a traitor.... and a sell out....


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