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Palestinian Fauxtography of the Day: when an identity of an American child gets stolen for anti-Israel propaganda


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Jun 10, 2015
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The following was posted by a Israel-hater late last year but has only just now come to my attention.


Since this particular post has been shared 111 times, this really means the photo in this context has been shared way more in total, reaching thousands of people, if not more.

Except here’s the thing. The photo was stolen from a blog written by the parents of a little boy in the US diagnosed with a lower limb abnormality called Fibular Hemimelia.



If facts were on their side, why the need for these disgusting lies?

Seriously what would You do if they tried to profit of Your sorrow like that,
what if G-d forbid they used a picture of Your child for their vulgar manipulations?

Clearly, these propagandists have nothing sacred to them,
and should be at least sued to their last pair of pants...

Or better jail to take no chances.
Because one day - they'll piss the wroooong parent.
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