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Obama Would "Smile" At "The Shovel Ready Jobs" Concept--That Advanced Nations Did!


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Feb 22, 2009
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China did public works spending. Australia did public works spending. Canada did public works spending. France Is Turning Around to tax the rich, and to get ready for the need of any new public works spending.

That is "Shovel Ready Spending!" Sending deficit money to keep state and local governments open for business may look conservative. Reagan Republicans sent the money to already prosperous defense contractors. TARP, however, essentially bailed out European Luxury Car manufacturers, by way of Wall Street! Hollywood is now safe, once again! Obama, in fact, flies out there, a lot!

So Biden went after the people the Democrats now need to win: The Undecideds!

Poll: Biden takes debate over Ryan, uncommitted voters say - CBS News

The Stimulus famously created a project in a meadow near Mammoth Lakes resort, in California. A contractor from the Great North Woods was flown into roof some crappers.

So how is the spending issue framed, even to Tea Party Berserkers? Liberals like Biden, can look at a Total Credit Market three times in excess of Personal Income and conclude that someone has to get a job, somewhere! The RNC has two stupid guys, way too stupid, who have concluded that someone needs to get a tax cut, and go out there and ski, somewhere, even now!

A path with a definite divergence in outcomes is now being created. Senator Rand Paul can offer support for Obama Administration policy. The Tea Party can conclude that someone needs to get a job. . .If maybe not them.

So people who can even change their. . .upstairs need more to be brought into the winning part of the divergence.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(All Play, and No "Work(?)!" sounds like a "Dobie Gillis" sitcom all over again!)
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