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Obama offers too little too late.


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Jul 26, 2009
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Obama offers too little too late.

I’m generally a proponent of the policies Obama professed to support in 2008.

Prior to the 2010 elections he silently witnessed Democrats not bringing the tax bill and budget on to the floors of both congressional houses. We cannot be certain that those election results would have been improved but they certainly would not have been worse if Democrats had demonstrated some courage. I did not vote for any Democrats or Republicans in 2010.

Almost 3 years ago congressional Republicans stated their PRIMARY task was to defeat Obama in 2012. Within less than 3 months most objective observers concluded that the meant it to the extent that they would prefer to undermine the nation’s economic recovery if that it would more surely defeat Obama in 2012.
Obama has now changed the tone of his speeches but Democrats have not drafted and published any specific proposals. I will not vote for Republicans but I cannot yet vote for any Democrats.

Do you recall the last lines within the scorpion and frog story? The frog cried “why did you sting me?! Now well both drown”. The scorpion replied “You knew of my nature before you let me get onto your back. Why did you agree to carry me?”.
Obama well knew and acknowledged the current natures of the Republican and Tea parties but for almost three years he has acquiesced rather than fully striving to oppose them. He has now changed the tone of his speeches but Democrats have not drafted and published specific proposals. It’s too little too late. I will not vote for Republicans but I cannot yet vote for any Democrats.

I do not question anyone’s patriotism and suppose Tea Partyists’ do believe Obama’s 2012 defeat would justify the cost and risks of their delaying our economic recovery. (Obama’s acquiescence encouraged their efforts and I believe has enabled them to already have prevented recovery from occurring sooner rather than later). Much of what Obama has already agreed to and the remainder of what his opponents seek are contrary to our economy’s best interests.
Obama has finally changed his tone but Democrats have done nothing additionally constructive and it’s less than a month prior to the elections. If the Republicans triumph in the 2011 elections, Democrats might learn to behave as a political party that will reign in the Republican majority. Voters may recognize and in 2012 rectify their errors. Democrats will learn nothing and lose the 2012 elections if less populists Democrats are elected in 2011.
Within such a scenario Tea party’s anti-populists agendas will become our nation’s entire policies.

I do not vote for Republicans because I’m generally opposed to public assistance favoring only corporations or specific industries or tax considerations for particular classifications of income sources. I’m a proponent of free enterprises functioning within level market places and all of our entities be treated equitably. No one should question my patriotism if I do not vote for Democrats until they actually demonstrate recovery and retention of their populist roots.

Respectfully, Supposn

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