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Obama is a media hawg - and not bright


Feb 14, 2011
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I have been tracking Obama's poll numbers at Real Clear Politics. Not quite daily but regularly.

Based on past observations, I predicted that they would go up during his Martha's Vineyard vacation. I know about all the bad press he got for going to MV, but he went last year and got bad press for it and his numbers went up then.

My theory was that they go up while he's on vacation because there are still a lot of people who want to think well of him, and when he's not talking and reminding us of how tired we are of his voice, our basic positive feelings about him as a nice guy and family man come back into the play and his numbers go back up.

But this time his numbers went down by more than 3 points.

What was different? Well, the economy was a little different in that the doldrums we were in last year have another year of hopelessness added to them. But another difference was that this time he made political photo ops. The man just won't stop talking and cheesing up for the camera.

And now he tromps on the Republican debate with his arbitrarily scheduled pomp. I guess he thinks he'll suck some of the oxygen out of Rick Perry's introductory debate. But IMO he's just going to show what a bad sport he is. And highlight how nearly all he does is talk.

He's claiming he'll be presenting some bipartisan proposals -- on about the most partisan night he could have picked. He's just amazingly tone deaf.
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