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Obama has been pretty effective in the war on terror

Grampa Murked U

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Jun 13, 2011
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Kansas City
Any chance he will focus like this on our economy now? Obama doesn't play games with our international enemies but all he does with his domestic enemies is play games. Why can't he give the American people the devotion he offers other nations?

Is it that he can't just kill his domestic enemies like he can internationally? We all know the "jobs act" is just that, an act. When is he going to get serious about what's killing our nation rather than everyone elses?

He said he was so desperate to help our nation he would break up his "jobs act" into pieces the gop could handle and support and pass them one at a time. Then the first portion he offers is billions for union jobs?

The games domestically never cease from this administration. Meanwhile other countries get what little money we have and all of his attention when he isn't campaigning.

Is he really hoping for the rapes and murders and muggings his vp promised?

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