Nine Months Of Health Care "Haves" V. "Have-Nots"


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Feb 22, 2009
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The new Pew poll still finds more health reform opposers than health reform supporters. They otherwise seem to not have noticed that one of Tiger Woods girl friends released the saved twitter incoming messages. just coincidentally, and relesed them today for review among the Tiger Woods supporters certain. . . .and the others.

Pew notes the trend for the past nine months. 48% oppose health insurance reform, and that includes a 51% of "haves" with health insurance at this time, versus only 36% with health insurance at this time, who support reform. Only 38% favor health insurance overall, and that includes 48% not now covered, versus 37% not now covered, who oppose reform.

Sayeth Pew, "Currently, the uninsured favor the bills by a 48% to 37% margin, while Americans with coverage oppose it by a 51% to 36% margin."

Anyone notices that the Democrats can take any kind of health insurance reform vote back to their districts, and claim that they were doing the right thing in support of their base, all along.

Anyone notices that the Republicans will be on the defensive in November, basically claiming that only the poor should be federaly forced to buy health insurance. In the alternative the poor should be sent to war, there to be shot on sight! They are the Party of Abraham Lincoln!

The GOP has a fundamental basis of support, in America, On This Issue, Too: And on that one.

It reminds anyone(?) of the Reagan-Trajectory, widely celebrated: Almost as if were yesterday, even in America(?)! Yet, even Abe Lincoln knew about draft riots, even then! The rich could buy their way out, and so the ordinary white people were sent to the slaughter instead.

Magically, Hispanics, actually. . . .and apparently. . . .were largely uninvolved.

And so there is the split along the "haves" versus "have-nots, and as is usual, in the opinion polls about the health care reform bill(s).

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Anyone notices that the Ivy League Press Corps, and the White House Teleprompter Corps, doesn't seem to read the polling results, apparently in their tneir entirety!)
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